Stitching Status: Rainbows Make Me Happy

I have always loved color. My husband says I see a very vivid word but he just goes along with whatever color palettes I present. Although green is my absolute favorite, I love a good rainbow. I was the kid who loved a fresh box of crayons – all the possibilities with all those colors! My eye shadow drawer hits every color on the spectrum.
Rainbow bandana
I mean, doesn’t this rainbow bandanna on Cher make you smile? So as I’ve gotten better as a knitter, I’ve slowly started to see places where I could incorporate vivid or bold color schemes and now rainbows into my projects. Ultimately, I’d love to make myself a rainbow throw for couch snuggles with Cher but I just haven’t started on it yet since I always have so many other projects in my queue.
91/100 #100happydaysofDWJ finished knitting my rainbow Now to block it to the final shape. #dwjknits #knitting
Last year for my birthday I got a gift card to Fibre Space and they had a sample of the Color Block Bias Wrap using Classic Elite Yarns MountainTop Chalet in a lovely grey scale. The yarn was super soft and light and just dreamy, but shades of grey? Boring. So when I noticed they had MountainTop Chalet’s colorful cousin, Chateau I decided to buy up half of a rainbow of colors and knit the warmer side of the rainbow. That’s when I realized I needed to really make myself something in a full rainbow.
When I bought the SweetGeorgia Worsted in a rainbow palette I thought I’d make myself a raglan but the thought of trying to measure out enough yarn to make sure my stripes matched on the body of the sweater and the sleeves was a bit nerve racking. I think switching over to make myself another Madigan was such a better idea. My Rainbow Madigan is really progressing quickly. I’ve already separated for the sleeves and I made sure to finish the sleeves to make sure I used up enough of the yarn in that color before moving to the next color block. This morning I started a new ball of yarn with dark blue, color number 5 out of 7! I’m traveling for the next few days but hope that I’ll still have an hour or two here and there of down time so that maybe by the end of the long weekend I will have finished this one. Every time I switch to a different color of yarn I get excited and I’ve been weaving in the ends as I go along to keep it all neat and tidy. Oh I just can’t to finish this and then it be cool enough for me to wear it. Come on fall!

Are there any color palettes that you’re obsessed with? And have you seen any other awesome rainbow yarns? Share!

2 Replies to “Stitching Status: Rainbows Make Me Happy”

  1. U r just like my son. Or my son is just like you: loves colour! He’s the only third grader I know who has a signature colour! Green! LOL!

    1. Green has been my favorite color since about the age of 3. I think it’s pretty cool he has a signature color!

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