Ready for the Weekend

I’ve been sick since I got home from vacation last week and I have not picked up my knitting needles in a week! I need to finish this cardigan for my aunt but I have had zero energy. Fortunately I finally got a chance to see a nurse practitioner and get some much needed meds in my system. My plan is that I will be plopped down on this couch resting and hopefully knitting all weekend. I’ve even got an early start and get to work from home for a half day today since I also have laryngitis and am pretty useless in the office.
A gift
I did get a lovely pick-me-up yesterday. My friend Rachel sent me these ADORABLE stitch markers that look like little skeins of yarn. I don’t even know if Rachel realizes it but she was the first person I really knew who knit and she told me I should learn. She even knit me a wild green scarf with funky yarn! Now I try to knit fun things for her little boy because that’s the best way I know to show the folks I love that I’m thinking of them and miss them. The fact that she was thinking of me made my day but the little gift will make my knitting feel even more special.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I’m going to try to rest and get some knitting in so I can give an update next week!

2 Replies to “Ready for the Weekend”

  1. Get well soon! Lemon and ginger tea. With a bit of honey.

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