Stitching Status: Progress & Decisions

I am on the mend! After a few days of antibiotics and other medications I’m finally feeling (and sounding) like myself. Unfortunately, my husband is in the middle of his sickly spiral. He is one cranky guy but I’m taking care of him since he was so great when I was down. We spent 90% of the weekend on the couch, binge watching The Blacklist and drinking lots of tea and eating lots of soup. I finally had enough energy to pick my knitting needles back up on Saturday and I made some progress on Estelle!
I absolutely love knitting sweaters but when it comes to the endless amounts of stockinette stitch for the body I get a bit bored. Once you separate the sleeves I feel like it’s miles of boring stitching. Fortunately I got through my 13 1/2 inches of knitting from the sleeves (with 2 inches of ribbing to break it up) and am down to my last 12 rows of the Feather and Fan stitch pattern for the bottom hem. If I can knit for a bit at lunch or on the commute home that means I’ll be starting sleeves this evening. This week of being sick put me behind schedule and I feel like I’m always pressed for time. School starts in a week and I need to update my syllabus and course outline, lock in my last guest lecturer and get it all wrapped up before I’m back in the classroom on Monday. Where has my summer gone?!
Beacon Hill Cardigan
I also decided (with your help) that I’m going to knit the Beacon Hill Sweater with the Cascade 220 in a camel color I picked up. But of course because I’m a glutton for punishment I’ve found new things I want to knit.
Farallon Sweater
Can we talk about how much I love the Farallon Sweater in the latest Twist Collective release? It’s top down, circular yoke, worsted/aran weight and lace detail at the top. I kind of want to knit it with the circular yoke lace detail in a pop of color or with one of my special hand dyed skeins and leave the rest of the sweater in a neutral. I don’t know what I want to bump from my list but this looks like it would be such an easy knit. I also found a new book on seamless knits for dogs. Everyone always asks me if I knit the sweaters I put on Cher in the winter (nope, they’re all from TJ Maxx) but I wouldn’t mind making her at least one since she’s my fur baby and knitting buddy.

I know, I know I keep adding to this list of what I want to knit. I’m a glutton for punishment. So what is on your list? Tell me some new amazing sweaters or accessories you’ve seen just to help my make list a little longer!

13 Replies to “Stitching Status: Progress & Decisions”

  1. Only YOU could find a ‘seamless knits for dogs’! 🙂 It never would’ve occurred to me to look for something like that 😉

    1. In my defense I didn’t look for it, it found me! It was featured on another blog I read.

  2. I use to hate St st a great deal until recently. I changed the way I hold my yarn and my tension and speed improved astronomically. Now, I miss it when my project only includes one stitch not both.

    1. Okay, now you have me curious on how you changed how you hold the yarn! Was there a particular technique? Do tell!

  3. You’re making me laugh! You know, that after the excitement of the yoke, you’ve got the vast expanse of stockinette to get through! Will it be worth it?

    Do you mean Farallon instead of the cardigan because of the similar lacy pattern? To tell the truth, I prefer the cardie, coz Farallon feels like spring.

    I loved most everything on the list… And if I didn’t have my own list of wanna-knit+must knit, I’d knit right alongside you! Stop stressing me out! I can’t decide. Just knit all the pretty things and stop playing! LOL
    Just start the Beacon Hill, and once you’re well into that see how you feel.

    1. See Beacon Hill I was saving for a little later because it will be so warm and snuggly! I think Farallon might replace the cardigan with the pleated sleeves and chevron detail (because I have a chevron open cardigan already) but then what do I use my Miss Babs wild yarn for?! There are too many decisions and too many combos of yarn and patterns I could do. My head might explode 😐 Once I finish Estelle I will probably do something bulky just to get a quick knit out of the way and then maybe work on something for fall. We shall see (sorry to stress you out LOL).

      1. I think Lila might be a bulky weight…I’m trying to cut a worsted weight for a worsted weight…but of course since I posted this in the morning I’ve found another cardigan I like :/

  4. I’ve been meaning to do a blog post specifically for this but haven’t yet so give me an hour and I’ll try to get some pictures and an explanation up on

  5. Maybe you need a table matching pattern and yarn. If you feel overwhelmed by choice, then you must choose: if the new cardy makes it on the list, then something else must go/ go lower on the queue. Tough choice. Don’t worry if you don’t find something now for the Miss Babs… I’m sure it’ll come…

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