There’s Still Hope

I started blogging again because I wanted to share my joy, the things that make me happy. But man, sometimes this world we live in brings you down. Shootings in a church, police officers shooting unarmed people, it brings me down. Then yesterday I read this article in the Washington Post. To sum it up, a man let his 13 year old dog out for his nightly potty break and the dog never came back. The next day they found the dog’s body with a note that said, “WE BEAT IT 2 DEATH lol! : ) HAHAHA!”


All I could think of is why? Why are people so cruel, hurtful, evil? As a person who has a dog…and just as a person with feelings this just made me so sad. Sad for the dog, the owner, for humanity. It was so senseless, like most of the other violent things I keep seeing on the news. It makes you start to lose hope. But all hope isn’t lost. I promise.
What helps me keep the faith are when things like this happen…The other day when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I saw this post from The Lemonade Shop about how she paid for an elderly woman’s vet bill because her dog died and she couldn’t afford all of the fees. She wasn’t posting it for praise, she wasn’t looking for a head pat, she was just sharing like so many of us do on social media. I had already been yarn stalking her shop and in that moment I decided that I would buy something from her store because she was a good person. I made my purchase, wrote her a little note and told her that she got a new customer in me because the world needed more good people and acts of kindness like what she did. She gave me hope and amazing yarn.

I don’t have a project or plan for this yarn but I am sure it will become something beautiful and hopefully it will remind me to have a little faith that all humanity isn’t lost.

10 Replies to “There’s Still Hope”

    1. Thank goodness there are still good people out there! Just when you start to lose hope someone does something great.

  1. That situation with the dog beating is terrible!!! I mean … what kind of person does that? Ughhhhh!!!

    Kudos to the Lemonade Shop owner! I absolutely agree; there are still good, kind people left in the world.

    1. I keep thinking about it and feel so bad for the dog to be scared in those last moments, the owner and her little boy too. Ugh.

      1. The act is callous and psychopathic. Then to leave a note … God in heaven …

  2. Thanks for making this post uplifting. That yarn is amazing! I think it must have every colour of the rainbow! When you knit it, it’ll go with everything!

    My grandma used to say, “the devil finds work for idle hands.” And I’m willing to bet my stash that those dog-killers are emotionally-amputated young men who are most likely unemployed. Coz people who work are either at work or getting their rest for work in the morning.
    What shocks me apart from the killing is the presentation of the body. Not only to torture a living creature, but also to torture the person who loved that sweet dog. I mean, someone went and got paper and tape… I just can’t. I hope they do a handwriting analysis and catch him. Do you have laws in the US to punish such cruelty? I sure hope so… Coz people like that don’t have respect for any life and will likely try it on a person next. 😦

    1. I just saw the name of your yarn, and it brought a smile back to my face: Toxic Oreo! LOL!

      Is that the bulky or the DK? And how much did you buy? How much DO you buy, when you don’t have a project in mind? (That was my original question before I got sidetracked typing my response! I would go cuddle my cat now, but y’know how cats are sometimes!)

      1. I bought worsted weight, 3 skeins so a little over 600 yards. That’s typically how much I get when I buy random yarn, I found 2 skeins was never enough.

        And yeah, I hope whoever tortured that dog gets caught. That’s just such a horrible, senseless thing to do.

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