The Gift of Knitting

Rye socks
It’s funny. Between blog comments and comments in person, lately I’ve had a lot of people comment on how much of my knitting I give away. In the beginning I used to give it all away and then would end up with nothing to show for all my hard work or just a hat for myself. I was so excited to share and make in the beginning I forgot the person I learned to knit for was ME! Then I realized I needed to make for myself and I would selfishly knit for months at a time but always drop in a thing or two for someone else in between my own projects. And as I got better, demands got greater but I’ve never had a problem saying no and I work at my own pace. I’ve even had someone who wanted a hat and I didn’t have time say, ‘well if you’d just charge…’ yeah that wouldn’t make me knit any faster or create at time slot to make something I don’t want to make right now. That’s just the truth. I make what I want to make when I want to make it. That means sometimes you might get a sweater in August instead of December. And if I was going to sell anything it would probably be dog sweaters. Let’s just be honest in what I’m really obsessed with.

Out of the 68 finished objects I made last year, I gave 42 of them to someone else – that’s 61%. My mom, sisters, husband, cousins, friends, babies and even dogs enjoyed what I was able to make them. And what I enjoy are all the images I get of babies in sweaters, friends wearing hats or scarves. Someone wearing flip top mittens I made them on that first cold morning. Seeing my hand knits worn on TV. Videos of children opening packages I’ve sent and seeing their joy and surprise. I’ve even been told there may be a baby cardigan I knit in someone’s holiday photos this year! I keep those moments to myself because they’re what brings me joy. They’re what motivate me to learn new skills or try new yarn or find a perfect pattern. I also take joy in the fact that on this cold morning I was wearing a cardigan I knit myself, I was wrapped in a scarf I made and wearing a favorite knit hat. I knit and I can give a gift to someone else and I can gift myself so much more. Knitting isn’t just a gift, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Good Cheer

I’ve had some unexpected good cheer coming my way this week by gifts I’ve received and gifts I’ve given. Since Christmas is just days away I thought why not share some of the joy? Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday and he was the King of giving gifts early. Since I was going to work from home at my Mom’s house to hand out with her I decided to give her an early  gift – my Dad would want that. The sweater I’ve been working on for the last month was the perfect gift to give (full post on the finished object in the new year).
A sweater for mom
To say she was delighted was an understatement. It was the perfect thing to start what could be a sad day with something really good. She even wore it that day and it just solidified that I made the right choice by making her this sweater. Another gift that was opened yesterday was a tie I knit for my cousin.
Mark's birthday tie
He has been asking for a knit tie for ages and I whipped one up for his 50th birthday. He called me so excited and happy and promptly said he needed about 5 more in various colors. LOL Full post on that one in the new year as well).
A gift from Brian
And this week I was given an unexpected gift from a friend. A young man I used to work with who calls me his mentor does incredible wood work and he made me a pen. It’s one of the most beautiful pens I’ve ever owned and I have a small collection of pens I love and this one is right at the top of that love list. His note and words of kindness just made my week. It’s always amazing what just a simple thank you can do for someone.

This time of year is the greatest time of year and I’m so thankful for the wonderful friends and family I have in my life. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and I’ll see you next week!

Merry Christmas – Happy Hanukkah – Happy Kwanzaa – Happy Festivus

Ready for the Weekend

I’ve been sick since I got home from vacation last week and I have not picked up my knitting needles in a week! I need to finish this cardigan for my aunt but I have had zero energy. Fortunately I finally got a chance to see a nurse practitioner and get some much needed meds in my system. My plan is that I will be plopped down on this couch resting and hopefully knitting all weekend. I’ve even got an early start and get to work from home for a half day today since I also have laryngitis and am pretty useless in the office.
A gift
I did get a lovely pick-me-up yesterday. My friend Rachel sent me these ADORABLE stitch markers that look like little skeins of yarn. I don’t even know if Rachel realizes it but she was the first person I really knew who knit and she told me I should learn. She even knit me a wild green scarf with funky yarn! Now I try to knit fun things for her little boy because that’s the best way I know to show the folks I love that I’m thinking of them and miss them. The fact that she was thinking of me made my day but the little gift will make my knitting feel even more special.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, I’m going to try to rest and get some knitting in so I can give an update next week!