Stitching Status for the Weekend

Hello, Summer Friday! My favorite day of the week. I live for weekends, I really do. Although I’d love to be doing a lot of this all weekend…
I know that I’m always busy running around and doing other stuff. It’s supposed to be gorgeous out this weekend and I hope to spend a lot of it taking Cher on long walks but hopefully I can get some stitching in too!
Simply Soft Party
I’m almost finished with a baby blanket for a friend and her baby girl who will be here in a few weeks. I had a phase for about 2 years where my girlfriends were popping these babies out like rabbits and I felt like all I was doing was knitting baby blankets. This is my third baby blanket of the year and hopefully my last this year. I really get tired of making them but I know they’re always a favorite gift to give. But I’m on track to finish this one in a mere 5 days, sometimes being a speedy knitter really is advantageous.
This week I also got in two orders of yarn (hello sales and discounts!). How gorgeous is this Madelinetosh Vintage?! I’m so ready to start on my fall projects but I’ve still got a few summer things to check off my list before I dive into all my wool knitting. I definitely plan to make another Togue Pond tank (or 2…I have a friend that really wants one and keeps saying how much she loves it) and I have some really great cotton blend yarn I was thinking of using to make the Trail Jacket. My office is insanely cold and layers are a must all summer long. Plus I have some gorgeous glass buttons I picked up at the Sheep and Wool festival that I think might look gorgeous with my mint green yarn. We shall see. So that’s my weekend and my knitting plans, anything good on your needles?

3 Replies to “Stitching Status for the Weekend”

  1. No knitting but I’ve been spinning and have to put work in on a baby blanket that I promised almost two years ago. But it’s so hot, I’d rather be laid out like Cher. 😀

    1. I was productive! Finished a baby blanket AND knit a baby cardigan. Even got a moment to cast on another Togue Pond tank for my BFF 🙂

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