FO: North Fork #2

I have redeemed myself. First let me admit this openly, I am a fast knitter. I was in denial about this for a while but my knitting buddies at work have told me that sweaters fly off my needles a bit too quickly to consider myself at average speed. I do attribute a lot of my sweater speed to the fact that I really only like to knit a sweater with worsted weight or bigger yarn and I like size 7 and up needles. I know things look more professional in the smaller gauges but my hands don’t like tiny knits.
Here I am in all my shining glory wearing my second North Fork tee (you can get the details via that link on Ravelry). Since this was a worsted weight yarn knit on size 10.5 needles it was pretty quick to knit. I still need to work at my joins for stripes (I’m always so messy) and the hem isn’t *perfect* but it’s split and good enough for me! Of course I wore it to work today because why not?! And in a sheer coincidence, my capri pants I ordered match the blue green stripe to perfection. It’s a win-win, folks! Now to complete my basic white cardigan. 

Happiness is a completed sweater.

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