Go to Market cardigan
When a knitting project bores me (hello endless garter or stockinette stitch) I start something else halfway through. I always think, oh this will help re-energize me but sometimes it just makes me not want to finish what I started!

I started this modified Go to Market cardigan (I’m not doing the peplum hem and just doing a straight garter stitch sweater) at the end of May. It’s super simple, super easy and I do not want to finish it. Ugh. I knit the North Fork tee in hopes of getting my enthusiasm back and I feel like I’m dragging even more! I’ve been looking at patterns for shawls, baby girl dresses and other tees because I just do not want to finish this sweater but I’d like to add it to my wardrobe. Can someone come over and motivate me?! Thanks, LOL.

2 Replies to “Procrasti-knitting”

  1. Find your favorite TV series on Netflix and binge watch while you binge knit!

    1. Yeah I just binged Making a Murdered on Netflix. Finished a toddler cardigan and an adult cardigan for myself! LOL Binge watching and knitting for the win!

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