Flashback Knitting Projects

Decided to join the #100happydays to focus more on the positive things in life. For 1/100 today what made me so happy was picking out new knitting patterns! North Fork and Camilla will be on my needles next! #100happydaysofDWJ #knitting
A year ago today, I started the 100 Happy Days project. Have you heard of it? In short, every day for 100 days you take a picture/tweet/Facebook/Instagram something that makes you happy. It’s to help you focus on the happiness in your life. I did it using the hashtag #100HappyDaysofDWJ, you can see all my posts – it says I did 99 but clearly I didn’t tag one. The image above was my first post and I was excited to start knitting more sweaters and tees over the summer and the first was the one on the left, the North Fork tee (the right is the Camilla Pullover – I have yet to make it but I have the yarn stashed for it).
North Fork Tee
I made it (above) but I messed up the hem (not paying attention) and didn’t love the yarn…it just wasn’t a complete success but I was happy to make a sweater start to finish on my own. So it tickled me this morning when I realized I have cast on the North Fork tee again, exactly one year ago from when I first talked about it. Perhaps in order to redeem my first attempt? I’m a Virgo, we hate failure.
North Fork tee 2 in progress
I was knitting on the Metro this morning when I got the notice of my phone of an image I captured last year on this date – the North Fork. I’m also in the middle of knitting a summer white cardigan but sometimes I have to stop a project and cast on something else that excites me more. The color palette of this one is way more exciting to me than an all white cardigan.
North Fork tee color palette
I’m trying Berroco Modern Cotton, a cotton blend yarn for the first time and it feels so soft on my hands. I went with an unusual palette of teal, seafoam green and a yellow/camel shade. I think it works but I also have no fear when it comes to color and will wear it regardless. My gauge was 3 stitches off so I’m making the size up (hey, it can be a nice drapey cotton tee) and crossing my fingers it will fit. Nothing makes me sadder than an ill fitting knit garment after all the time you spend on it. Maybe after I wrap this one up I’ll be inclined to finish off my white cardigan…maybe.

Anyone else working on some good summer knitting? Any suggestions for things to add to my queue?

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