Weekend Plans

Next time I show you my Angelina pullover it will be a finished object.
I plan to be finished with this bad boy by Saturday and have it on the blocking boards on Sunday. Unless I get this…
The tiny paw put on me to ask me to stop whatever it is I’m doing and take them on a nice walk. It’s supposed to be a gorgeous weekend so perhaps I’ll be finishing up my Angelina while I’m sitting outside soaking up the great weather on the east coast with my husband and two dogs. I hope you have a wonderful weekend wherever you are.


Knitting in Public

Unfortunately, I did not participate in World Wide Knit in Public Day on Saturday. Why? Yeah I didn’t go anywhere. But hey, I typically always have knitting with me. Always.
I didn't knit in public yesterday for #wwkip day but today I'm knitting at the nail salon and my boy Vinnie has all kinds of questions about these socks I'm working on 😂 I think I may have encouraged him to give knitting a try, he told me, 'I never se
On Sunday, I decided that when I dropped Cher off for grooming I would spend a little time to myself getting a pedicure and I took the Rye socks for my godson with me. My nail tech, Vinnie, was super curious and asked me a million questions – which is typically what happens when I knit in public. Especially if I’m working on double points – those 4 needles going much look really crazy to someone who doesn’t knit. I know they used to intimidate me!
One of the comments Vinne made was, “I only ever see old ladies knitting, I never see someone young like us doing that.” HA! That tickled me because if you ask my students they think I’m so old (for the record, I’m 37). We talked crochet, knitting and then he asked me how did I get started knitting and how could he start! He even asked me where he could get supplies and then wanted to see pics of my finished objects. I of course shared my husband’s sweater because that’s always an impressive piece.

I love being a knitting ambassador. Whenever a friend shows interest I’m thrilled and always hoping they’ll become as fanatical about knitting as I am. HA! I know that’s a tall order but one day perhaps I’ll have that friend that falls down the knitting rabbit hole like I did. Did any of you participate in Knit in Public day? What’d you do?