FO: Cardigans & Coffee

Is it just me, or is every new sweater you knit your new favorite sweater? I can’t help it since they seem to get better and better each time!
Louise top down
This is my Louise Top Down from Madder Anthology 2. Carrie Bostick Hoge makes simple and easy to follow patterns of beautiful modern knits. I love them. This cardigan was meant to be made with three colors, a main color for the body, a second color for button band and bottom ribbing and a third color for the cuffs. I toyed around with a lot of combinations and almost did all rainbow, then thought about navy or a red cuff but decided to go with cream and I like it. I just didn’t want to take away from the rainbow that was already in this gorgeous Yarn Ink Blackened Rainbow Yarn. It was just too good.
Louise top down
You know what else is too good? Making a latte for yourself at home on a Saturday. I’ve had a Dolce Gusto latte machine for years now and I think I’m the best barista on my block 😉 I also love that my Pantone mug matched my camel yarn perfectly!
Louise top down
For this sweater it was pretty simple, a top down raglan. I know this pattern is made in a couple of different versions but for ease and quickness I like top down. I love being able to try it on after you separate the sleeves! Plus the body was knit on size 10 needles! So this was a pretty speedy knit. My only issues ever come in picking up stitches, I always do too little so I had to do the button band twice to get it right and not pull. I also sewed my buttons (bought them at my LYS – Fibre Space) on twice because after the first time the bands didn’t line up. Oops! Otherwise it’s cozy, warm and a great neutral. I’m even wearing it to work with a pencil skirt and burnt orange tights today! I told you I’m trying to make more staples that I can wear over and over in my closet and this one is definitely going to be put in heavy rotation.

Do you have a pattern you love or a sweater you consider a staple? Share and include a Ravelry link too!


Stitching Status: Neutrals & Rainbows

It’s Friday, a long weekend and it’s freezing! A perfect excuse to stay inside all weekend long and knit. By tomorrow I should be wearing my latest creation and starting in on the next project. I am on a mission to get some knitting done when I have a nice stretches of down time.

I love color but I also realize I have to embrace some neutrals too. I’ve been reworking my wardrobe, trying to simplify and make things more cohesive in my closet. I definitely have my personal style down but sometimes getting dressed in the morning is challenging when you have a closet full of just stuff to wear and not things you love and want to wear. Besides, we only end up wearing about 20% of our actual wardrobe. So I’m filling my shelves with things I love that I’ve made for myself but in doing that I need to fill in some gaps and holes in my wardrobe. So I’m adding in the Louise Cardigan because it’s a nice simple staple. In my stash, I had some Rowan Superwash Wool in a really love camel shade, camel is my favorite neutral. It’s warm and rich and goes with everything.
Louise cardigan
And then I pulled out this dreamy Blackened Rainbow yarn from Yarn Ink I’ve been saving. Man it is so beautiful and has a lovely drape to it. I want skeins and skeins of this stuff. But instead I’m using it for the bottom ribbing, the button bands and neckband. Because rainbows are neutral by default since they have every color of the rainbow.
Louise cardigan
Add in a creamy white cuff and this might be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. It’s all neutral but there’s interest to it with my yarn selection. Added bonus is stash busting so I can make room for spring/summer yarns. I’m down to the button bands and I plan on wearing this baby this weekend!! FO pics later next week – I’ve got a couple of FO’s ready to share.

So anyone else have good long weekend plans? Stay warm everyone!