Stitching Status: Neutrals & Rainbows

It’s Friday, a long weekend and it’s freezing! A perfect excuse to stay inside all weekend long and knit. By tomorrow I should be wearing my latest creation and starting in on the next project. I am on a mission to get some knitting done when I have a nice stretches of down time.

I love color but I also realize I have to embrace some neutrals too. I’ve been reworking my wardrobe, trying to simplify and make things more cohesive in my closet. I definitely have my personal style down but sometimes getting dressed in the morning is challenging when you have a closet full of just stuff to wear and not things you love and want to wear. Besides, we only end up wearing about 20% of our actual wardrobe. So I’m filling my shelves with things I love that I’ve made for myself but in doing that I need to fill in some gaps and holes in my wardrobe. So I’m adding in the Louise Cardigan because it’s a nice simple staple. In my stash, I had some Rowan Superwash Wool in a really love camel shade, camel is my favorite neutral. It’s warm and rich and goes with everything.
Louise cardigan
And then I pulled out this dreamy Blackened Rainbow yarn from Yarn Ink I’ve been saving. Man it is so beautiful and has a lovely drape to it. I want skeins and skeins of this stuff. But instead I’m using it for the bottom ribbing, the button bands and neckband. Because rainbows are neutral by default since they have every color of the rainbow.
Louise cardigan
Add in a creamy white cuff and this might be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. It’s all neutral but there’s interest to it with my yarn selection. Added bonus is stash busting so I can make room for spring/summer yarns. I’m down to the button bands and I plan on wearing this baby this weekend!! FO pics later next week – I’ve got a couple of FO’s ready to share.

So anyone else have good long weekend plans? Stay warm everyone! 

8 Replies to “Stitching Status: Neutrals & Rainbows”

  1. I’ve got next week off (although there are papers to mark), and I hope to finish the Sophia Loren sweater (working up the yoke now) as well as a pair of socks and a dress that I’ve cut out. There’s a “Bonus Points” list, too, which demonstrates my fantasies and ambitions. We’ll see about that.

    1. HAHAHAHA we all have fantasies. I’ve been thinking about pulling out my sewing machine but even I know that’s not going to happen.

  2. I still wish the cuffs were rainbow 😉 but I always love the DWJ color creations, even if I don’t totally agree! because they look absolutely fab-ooo on! Way to go DWJ!

  3. That rainbow yarn is gorgeous. I just bought a skein of something very similar and I love just looking at it!

    1. Rainbow yarn is my favorite. I love this one because is has a darker wash to it, not super bright.

    1. I finished it and wore it yesterday and it’s soooo good. I love the rainbow yarn!

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