Video: A Quick Check-in

I get emails a lot about doing more videos. Honestly, the pandemic has kept me from feeling like I had the emotional capacity to produce videos, so I didn’t push myself to make them. As I’m coming up on a year of being home (my last day in the office was March 12, 2020), I’m trying to find ways to take myself out of some of those pandemic feelings, so making videos is just one of those small steps. So…here’s my latest quick video.

I legit just filmed this really quickly in my kitchen. The sweater behind me is the Speckles and Spice Top I’m knitting for Jessica. It has a few sections of three color stranded knitting that pushed me but I’m glad I did it, it’s so pretty. It’s also a break from green projects but I’m still working on things for the Great Green KAL/CAL. Next week is spring break for me and I’m hoping in between some of my research work I can really get in a few dedicated hours of knitting.

Here’s to a nice weekend to you all and as always, thanks for being here.

17 Replies to “Video: A Quick Check-in”

  1. Thanks, Dana! I’m glad you are well, and appreciate seeing you in the video. (The orange head tie is adorable!) Save your energy and take care of yourself. I’m looking forward to the mystery brioche test knit reveal….

  2. You were so sweet. We all need to cheer each other up what with Covid. Thanks

  3. It was great to see your video. Thanks for being authentic. Yep, you seem weary. But you are hanging in there! Saving your energy is a good thing to do for yourself and for those who care about you!

  4. Dana, you are a model of self care. We miss you and respect your need to manage your own energy. Thanks for always being positive and cheerful. Wishing you the best

  5. Hi!! I’m new to your world, but knew I would like you because you knit such beautiful sweaters for your dog. I wish I was a fast enough knitter to accomplish that!! My dogs are retired racing Greyhounds and quite a bit larger than your little guy. Sweaters for them would take a while for this novice. Thanks for the video and I hope to see more of them as your world relaxes.

  6. What a lovely post .It’s a real treat to see and hear you .As we say in New Zealand “stay safe and always be kind”

  7. It always brightens my day to see your lovely face whether in a video or a blog post. Thanks for that!

  8. So nice to see you, Dana! Looking forward to more videos in the future. Best wishes!

  9. I’m so happy to “see” you! Do all the self-care you can. You deserve the best!

  10. Dana, So great to see your video and hear your voice! You are such a inspiration to many of us.Glad you are staying well. Please take care of yourself and family.
    Looking forward to meeting you in person some day 🙂

  11. That was so nice- I enjoyed hearing your voice. I am likin the Green KAL. have a good day!

  12. So great to see you, but I completely support you and will look forward to more videos as you have the energy. Please take care of yourself!

  13. Lovely to see you. Don’t push yourself! Be well. Much love.

  14. I understand about having “emotional capacity”. There are certain days when I can take on the world. And other days when I just can’t. I think most of us are like that. Love how you styled your Low-key vest.

  15. I want to know more about that crazy T-shirt you’re wearing with the little Keith Haring figures on it!

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