Summer Knitting & Knit Stars

I’m in a weird quiet week this week. I’m waiting for feedback on my dissertation proposal (which I don’t expect to get until Friday) to defend the proposal next week. Classes have ended and I’ve submitted grades, so my work is finished. Kiwi has her spay surgery this week so I can watch over her and give her extra love while she recovers and I can knit! This weekend I finished this linen and cotton Lapponia and I’m in love (better pics soon) and I’m digging through my stash to figure out what light and airy project I’ll tackle this week.

What else is happening this week? Knit Stars announced their season 7 cast! Honestly after the year I had health wise last year, filming for season 6 was a highlight of my year. I’ve had so many people message me about my videos and I’ve loved the feedback and support. This year the cast of knitters and spinners are really good! You can sign up for this year’s using this affiliate link and get $30 off previous seasons or the new season that comes this fall! Check it out, it’s gonna be good!

3 Replies to “Summer Knitting & Knit Stars”

  1. Can I ask, did you mix cotton Aran and fingering? Or hold 2 fingering together? It’s gorgeous

  2. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished. I am so glad you have some time to regroup. Good luck and prayers for Kiwi and her procedure. So excited about your Paper, you will do well. I am 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 your sweater is BEAUTIFUL. Knit Stars is exciting. 😍

  3. The colors and design are beautiful. You certainly have the secret for dressing. I am such a fan 💕

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