Stitching Status: Pandemic Fatigue

After 11 months of this, has anyone else hit that wall? I’m definitely suffering from Pandemic Fatigue and everything feels like a chore and is exhausting. I’ve still been knitting but even wanting to share about it feels like way too much work. Sad but true. So this morning I decided I needed a mood boost (last week I put on a super bright sweater and that helped) and Jellybean and I put on our rainbow brightest.

Rainbow sweaters

Our coordinating Painting Bricks sweaters make me happy. It’s just all the colorful goodness. Here’s hoping it might make your day a bit brighter too.

29 Replies to “Stitching Status: Pandemic Fatigue”

  1. Yes, pandemic fatigue, election fatigue, getting through 4 years of orange man fatigue . . .

  2. You did make my day. I am happy. I love your knits. You inspire me. Knitting sweaters for Lucy has become fun and a relaxing outlet. Pandemic makes my job more intense. Somedays I don’t have it in me to knit. I do enjoy your posts . They get thru the workload.

  3. Love that you and Jellybean are twinning! Bright and beautiful are you both! 🌈 Elizabeth

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  4. The perfect choice! Love it when you are all matchy matchy. 🌈 A wonderful way to start the week.

  5. Thank you for this post. I now know why I am feeling exhausted having done not much of anything. I always look forward to your sharing. Know that you have helped me more than once!

  6. Definitely! I love those sweaters. May you feel lifted from “pandemic everyday” this week. Thank you for the color and boost you sent out to us all.

  7. Oh yes Dana! You just made my day! I feel like my feet are in cement now. I’m over 70 and my sweet dog is over 17. My hubby is great to be with but I suddenly find everything overwhelming! I looked around my house and decided some crazy person lives here whose brain looks like all the rooms! Total disarray! My dryer broke and maybe that’s a good thing because I suddenly looked at my surroundings through the eyes of a guest! Albeit a repairman. Who has anyone entering their house these days? Not us! My knitting was just trying to finish Christmas gifts for grandkids … finally finished in early Feb! Now I’ve spent a week not able to decide what to knit next! Your sweaters today made me smile and feel like maybe we will all get through this with a little help from our knitter friends! Sending you smiles and hugs!🥰 Jani.

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    1. I identified with your comment so much, I had to reply! Our furnace has been acting up and we had to have repair, which didn’t help (DH is nursing it along now anyway). My 6 yr old DGD wanted to see our house on FaceTime since she didn’t remember it. Her comments definitely alerted me to our state of disarray LOL I just kept telling her creative people are always messy 😉

  8. I want to also say thank you for your beautiful posts. Your sweet smile and Dear Little Jellybean brighten my days so much! Even if you don’t feel cheerful, you are so loved and feel cheerful to the rest of us. Pandemic fatigue is something we must talk about, to help cope with the feeling of aloneness in this mess (whether we are alone in our homes or not). Your description is it to a T. Hitting the wall reminded me of my one weekly outing – sitting in my car facing the brick wall at Kroger waiting for groceries to be tossed in my trunk, and looking forward to the smile of the young person putting them in. It’s just DH and me at home, but after nearly fifty years, and now the pandemic, conversation is pretty sparse; we are talked out.
    Oh well, I got shot #1 and he does this week. I hope all the younger people can get their vaccines soon, too!
    Giant hugs, DSW, and know that what you do in writing to us, even a single sentence, wearing any of your gorgeous creations, brightens all our days. We WILL get thru to the other side, even if we hide under our pillows for now. 💕

  9. I agree, Dana…I’m fatigued with a lot lately and find my patience waning as this goes on. It seems I will never be able to buy things at the grocery store again that I used buy everytime I would go. It’s frustrating that simple things like that may never return. I’m fatigued with the big business that politics and the press have become….a toxic combination. Anyway, I keep knitting on and hoping there will be a light at the end of this tunnel before the year ends.

  10. Yes, I am hitting the wall- pandemic fatigue and exhaustion. Your smile, you and Jellybean in your happy sweaters lifted my energy- thank you!

  11. You are a better person than I if this is only hitting you now. Living in grey Seattle there are mornings where I really struggled to just get up. It’s is one of the few times in my life I think about what would mom/friends/husband/kids say if I just stayed in bed all day? So I get up….

    We love hearing from you. But you need to take care of you FIRST so don’t feel compelled to write more than you feel able.

    Hugs to you.

  12. I love the picture of you and Jellybean in your matching sweaters. It brightens my day

  13. I agree with you and many of the people commenting about pandemic fatigue. The fact that it’s winter does not help at all. But, oh my goodness, your matching sweaters are clear, bright, happy, perfection! Well done—again!

  14. I was walking with my partner this morning, and I said something about what we were doing this time last year. I then said that sometimes I’m confused as to whether we’re in year 1 or year 2 of the pandemic. It feels like it’s been ages. We’re all doing our best, and hopefully we’ll find our way out of this. Thanks for sharing because sometimes it feels so isolating.

  15. You ALWAYS make my day brighter!

    Re: COVID, I try to keep in mind that it wasn’t so long ago humans would have no idea what was making us all sick, much less how to develop a vaccine for it.

    Otherwise like to focus on the positive political course corrections already put into motion for *all* people, creatures, and the environment.

  16. Thank you for brightening my day! Who know fatigue could come in so many flavors. Yesterday my husband and I went shopping for a possible birthday present for him — a new car! It was fun to get out and do something different and drive around with all of the windows open.

  17. Oh yes. Hitting the wall is right. I have been pretty much contained since March 13 of last year, when things closed in our first shutdown. I currently live with my son and we decided that since he works out of the house, it made sense for hiom to do the picking up of stuff and he has been a trooper. But it means I have very very little contact, even casual contact with anyone. Being a hermit is more or less my natural state and I haven’t felt like I was shut in at all. Indeed, up till now, I have felt almost free. No one expects things from you when they never see you. It has been the most wonderfully creative time in so many ways. Since the middle of January, I have been struggling. I have to work and keep a focus on living in the moment and finding joy in the little things of a day. It is just harder right now. But I am going to set up some zoom meetings with knitters from my groups from the before times, and I beefing up my daily workouts. I am changing up what I watch and I am listening to lecture series and music performances online. The other thing that I keep reminding myself is, that no one is ever really happy or fully charged with energy every single day and that is it okay to feel down or burned out. It is normal, probably the most normal thing we do some days. Even with all this, I am tired of that wall and banging my head on it. My hope is, spring is on the way and maybe I can find the energy to plant some sweet peas. The wall won’t look so hard then.

  18. I am so tired of the pandemic! I am struggling withfriends a chronic autoimmune disease and at first it was such a relief to be able to just stay home and knit/read/write to my hearts content. Now, suddenly, I am so over it and wanting to join my friends on outings and meetups in restaurants. I miss my book club!! I think that it may be the lengthening days and the brighter sunlight.

    I just doubled down on the knitting and I love your sweaters so much I’m pretty sure that I need to make a little something for my kitten Hannah! Thank you for this post, it mirrors my own current state and cheered me up to see your wonderful bright sweaters and to know that I’m not the only one starting to hit the wall here.

  19. Fatigue doesn’t cover it! I think I need a rainbow sweater, too. That ought to improve life.

  20. Very timely post. Ditto on the feeling. Glad though that you all are STILL in good health! THAT and the beautiful colors & you guys smiling is enuf to lift MY spirit! Way to go DWJ

  21. I completely lost all desire to read these several months. Just too tired. But I’m finally getting back into it and am reading a book and am catching up on your blog. The book is by Harlan Coben who is an author highly recommended by The Grocery Girls.

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