FO: Painting Bricks Shawl

The Painting Bricks shawl was the perfect project I needed. Lots of garter stitch and slipped stitches. Quick color changes with a rainbow of stripes. Looking at this double rainbow brings me immense joy.

Painting Bricks Shawl

I call it a double rainbow because the main color is a rainbow variegated yarn, Burst by Onyx Fibers, and then I filled in the stripes of the shawl with 24 colors of the rainbow (check my Ravelry page for all the details and the color order). Added bonus, it’s even pretty on the backside!

Painting Bricks Shawl

I decided I didn’t want to do the chevron border on the shawl that the pattern called for and when I got to the 24th color I just did the I-cord bind-off in the pattern. The shape is reminiscent of my Dotted Rays shawl (another Stephen West pattern) and since I just finished the Fantastitch Shawl with the chevron border I thought I would keep this one simple.

Painting Bricks Shawl

This is another big one and with the dk weight it is so cozy and warm and I’ve already been wrapping up with it on the couch. This was such a great stash dive project and I saw on Stephen’s instagram that he’s working on the sweater version – I’m already excited about making myself and Jellybean a rainbow sweater version in the fall.

26 Replies to “FO: Painting Bricks Shawl”

  1. You and your shawl are definitely the bright spot in my day. Beautiful!

  2. Your Painting Bricks shawl is gorgeous. Thanks for showing both sides which are both beautiful. Looking forward to the rainbow sweaters for you and Jellybean.

  3. It’s a thing of beauty! Wear it in good health.

  4. wow! just beautiful..and fun.. you always brighten my day!!

  5. So much HAPPY right there! What a beautiful smile — and shawl to match. 🙂

  6. So so pretty! I like your decision to skip the chevron border. You are pretty darn amazing, Dana!

  7. I love it,you made my day. I will have to check out dotted rays. A sweater version of painted brick for you and Jellybean will be fantastic. I am so looking forward to that. Thank you for brightening our days.

  8. Definitely prefer your version without the chevron border. It’s happy & cheerful, without being over the top busy.

  9. GOR-GGGEEEOOOUUUSSS! A rainbow in the midst of all these clouds!

  10. Oh, wow! Was my first thought of your beautiful shawl. Absolutely love seeing your work. Well done, Dana.

  11. I LOVE your rainbow shawl! I am a color lover, too, but not a shawl person. Rainbow sweater-I can’t wait!
    If you enjoyed the slip stitches, I highly suggest Frankie’s Blankie on Ravelry. I made it last year (it was KAL over 52 weeks, so I had other knits going on, too) and pulled everything from stash perfectly.

  12. This shawl is so you, Dana. Thanks for brightening our day.

  13. So beautiful, Dana!! You truly have a gift for putting colors together. ALL the yarn companies should hire you as their color consultant!

  14. This shawl is totally you, Dana! Watching your happiness and joy in the first picture made my day!

  15. Ditto ditto to all of the comments here – just fabulous! And I am so impressed that you were able to make it out of your stash!

  16. WOW, that is awesome and beautiful. I’ve spent the last couple hours trying to correctly knit the first ten rows of a much simpler shawl. Taking a break right now.

  17. Dana you did phenomenal, fantastic job. 👏🏼👏🏼So beautiful. Impressed you made from leftover yarns, and it worked out just perfect. Reminds me of colors the Hispanics like—especially around Cino De Mayo. I notice on Ralvery, didn’t take you long to knit. I would be still knitting. Looking forward in seeing Jellybean and your new sweaters for the fall. Keep up the good work!!

  18. What a gorgeous shawl! It’s so cheerful and bright. I think just seeing your rainbow would bring joy. I can’t wait to see what you make next!

  19. You are so beautiful! And I love to read your encouraging posts and the total JOY you share with us! Thank You!

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