Stitching Status: Thinking of Spring

Since it is already February I’m thinking about transitional knits I want to make and what holes I want to fill in my summer wardrobe. Once I get to this point of the year I just stop thinking about cozy warm knits and I think about lighter knits.

In the fall Manos del Uruguay sent me a sweater’s quantity of their Feliz yarn in the color Huarache. It’s a sport weight that’s a mix of wool and rayon. It’s got a super light feel to it and it is soft. I initially thought about making the Painted Pullover to show off the color variation of the yarn but then I got distracted by another pattern. Joji Locatelli’s Pebble Tunic immediately said it was the one for me to make. I think with the way this yarn drapes because of the fiber content and how light it feels, this will be a perfect spring piece to add to my wardrobe. I swatched and am already starting on it. But you also know I never have just one project going at once…

When I was at VKL I picked up a special colorway of the Fiberist Newton Worsted yarn, it’s wool and 40% silk and feels amazing in my hands. At first I thought about making a vest with it but then as I began knitting I loved the drape of it and decided to make up a short sleeve raglan top with a bit more ease than I typically make. I want to throw it over a tank top on a chilly spring day. I also loved the reverse stockinette with this color and how the rainbow is appearing so I’m knitting it essentially inside out. I’m excited for both of these and am already looking at my cotton yarn stash and thinking about making myself a cotton short sleeve Love Note sweater because why not?!

10 Replies to “Stitching Status: Thinking of Spring”

  1. These tops will be amazing ! The 2nd one sounds like you are designing it yourself. I think you will do a wonderful pattern . Can’t wait to see
    your vision.

  2. So NICE 😍I love thought of short sleeve raglan. Cotton love note 😍😍😍

  3. I can’t wait to see what those beautiful yarns look like knitted up in the sweaters!!!
    You’ve got me wanting to knit BOTH of those, but I’m trying to Bang Out A Sweater
    right now! (MDK!!!!) And then have to finish a sweater for my 3 year old grandson that was
    supposed to be for Christmas!!! Oy vey!!!
    And I can’t wait to see Jellybean in your posts again!!!
    And I am right with you, Sweetie, in missing Cher. sigh….
    And so, of course, you absolutely MUST totally spoil Jellybean with Love and Attention
    and many more sweaters that match yours!!!!
    Holding you all (you, your lovely hubby, and Jelly) in Love and Joy and wonderful Creativity!!!

  4. Hi Dana! Did you know that FELIZ means HAPPY both in spanish and in portuguese? This yarn went to the right person!

  5. Great plans! I want to knit a short sleeved cropped pullover to go with my mom jeans. I’m not sure what to make it out if though.

  6. I think I’m an unusual knitter because I’m not a winter person. Is it spring yet?

    1. I realize i love light spring knits and shawls. It’s just not that hot here in Maryland for the heavy wool.

  7. What beautiful yarns! You have some perfect plans for them, too. Happy spring knitting, Dana.

  8. What gorgeous yarn! This post inspired me to pull out a pat for a summer cardigan that has been printed out for quite awhile. And to order some yarn to knit it with. Thank you for sharing your knitting adventures!

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