Featured in: Washingtonian Magazine

In January, I was interviewed by Washingtonian magazine. They were doing a cover story about learning something new and wanted to talk to adults who learned a new skill and mastered it just for pleasure. And they wanted to talk to me about knitting!

Washingtonian Magazine March 2020

Of course I love to talk about knitting but what I loved even more was that they wanted to come to my house to see where I knit and they wanted to include Jellybean! How could I say no?

Photo taken by Jeff Elkin for the Washingtonian Magazine

If you zoom in you can see Jellybean because she was blending in with my sweater. LOL And she was also starting to fall asleep a bit after being such a patient girl. What made me pause a bit was sharing what my yarn stash looks like. Yes, it’s insane. And don’t worry, the yarn in open bins is acrylic or cotton – a lot of people were worried it was wool. All my wool is in the drawers or in plastic bags in between the drawers. Yeah…I gotta work on using up my stash this year.


But Jellybean really thinks she’s a model now and man, she’s getting a bit of a big head. LOL But I’m happy we were able to share our love of knitting with more people.

23 Replies to “Featured in: Washingtonian Magazine”

  1. What fun! Thanks for being such an enthusiastic representative of the knitting community. Always enjoy reading about your knitting adventures on the blog and it’s great that more people will be introduced to your work.

  2. wow dana that is awesome, congrats on the article and thanks for sharing your stash picture.. I think I still have you beat with mine but makes me feel better there are other knitters out there who come close! lol love the sweaters

  3. Don’t feel self conscious about your stash! If anyone deserves an extensive stash it’s you! Those yarns are your work supplies. You a knitting role model, knitting star, and prodigious knitter, so you could theoretically go through that stash rather quickly.

  4. That is awesome!! Congratulations! You are a knitting rock star and supermodel! (well and Jellybean, too of course!)

  5. Never feel bad about your stash! It is necessary for feeding your creativity just as a stocked kitchen cabinet is necessary for feeding your body:)
    I am patiently waiting for the dog magazines to do a spread on Jellybean:)

  6. The knitting community could not ask for a better pair of ambassadors than you and Jellybean. Thanks for sharing the knitting love.

  7. Congratulations Dana! It is well deserved. I canโ€™t wait to get this issue.๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I always really like to see stash control options and I think your workspace looks good. I’m digging those red shoes too.

  9. How fun!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats! Your yarn stash isn’t unlike many of us lifelong knitters. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I donated 5 overflowing black trash bags of yarn to a charity knitting organization before my move a couple years ago. I still have an insane amount. It’s your passion. Enjoy it! Be proud! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. So cool; you and Jellybean are both rockinโ€™ it! Also, I love how fellow yarnophiles contacted you to make sure your stash storage system was safe. So cute!

    1. Congratulations! I am so hapoy for you and Jellybean. I love reading your posts.

  11. What a great picture. Iโ€™m glad they chose to do an article about learning to knit to keep your mind active. Knitting uses a lot of your brain. You have to concentrate on a pattern and at the same time use your motor skills. Glad they chose you to do the article.

  12. I have a similar-sized yarn stash, and yet….I am still going to Farm Fiber Day at my local farmer’s market this weekend! I am taking 3 friends who haven’t been. It’s my duty ๐Ÿ˜‰

    If you are ever in Boston in the winter, check out the two Farm Fiber Days at the Wayland Winter Farmer’s Market, about 25 minutes outside Boston. They take place in January and early March. There are also wonderful vendors with choices for lunch, dessert, wine, cheese….you get the picture! And the best part is that it takes place in the greenhouses at Russel’s Garden Center. You can pull up a chair for lunch next to a fragrant flowering orange tree, or hide in the ferns under the glass. It can be 9 degrees outside ( I went on one such day!), but the greenhouses are warm, sunlit, and full of like-minded folks with yarn on their minds. Truly paradise for those of us who slog through the New England winters!

    And the Boston Public Market has a Farm Fiber Day right in downtown Boston in Februrary. Yes, Boston can be a great place for fiber enthusiasts in the winter!

  13. Oops, as I detailed the food scene, I forgot to emphasize the numerous fine fiber vendors with a mind-blowing array of delicious yarns, fleece, spinning wheels, etc!

  14. i love your sweaters and follow your blog! and as a fellow knitter who made a very amateur sweater for my son&DIL’s chihuahua Wilson – I like seeing jellybean too!

  15. I almost bought that issue today but held back because I had three magazines in my hand already! Will have to change that tomorrow. You could get a side job as a fashion stylist, Dana. You really know how to put yourself together. Which showcases your hand-knits even more.

  16. So fun! Iโ€™m with you on the stash, although yours is definitely much more epic than mine. ๐Ÿ™‚ And Jellybean is adorbs.

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