15 Replies to “Jellybean, the Author”

  1. Omg too funny😂 Gives a whole new meaning to “spit splice”!!

  2. Clearly Jellybean Elizabeth has been paying careful attention to your writing, both academic and knitting. And you thought she was only napping!

  3. Jellybean is truly adorable & a fantastic writer! Snickers & Duke were especially interested in the treat & belly-rub related tips. Their human wants to know more about that bag behind the author, though. They’ve seen it on the blog before, but their google-fu is lacking today.

  4. OMG….. such a talent…..such a great dog with more in her life than we ever imagined….. shame on me for not noticing the REAL knitter behind the scenes…. hee hee

  5. You happiness is so awesome! Thank you for coming up with such fun ideas!

  6. Yay! I get posts from DWJ and Jellybean. Love you both!

  7. I especially like tip #4! jellybean is a wise furbaby.

  8. Jellybean! I’m taken with all your many talents. In addition, I really admire that pillow behind you. You obviously inspire the artist in others, too 😉

  9. Jellybean and Dana always make me smile! What a treat to wake up to your post this morning.

  10. Will Jellybean be doing any youtube tuts? Maggie and Bear seem to be slacking in their night time knitting despite many treats and belly rubs.

  11. Just read Jelly Bean’s article in Love Crafts. What a good pupper to knit you all those fine sweaters. Just LOVED it! And Jelly Bean!!!

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