Still Here, Still Studying


Hi! So I know that I’ve been quiet but things are just hectic. School this semester is a lot and I’m just trying to stay afloat some days. I also find that during the semester when I do a lot of writing, my right wrist hurts (I’ve had issues with that specific wrist since I was a kid). I think I need a gel pad to rest my wrists on when I’m working. But I am still knitting but taking breaks, rubbing CBD oil on my wrists and wearing a wrist support. I did finish my top with that run rainbow yarn (just haven’t taken photos of it yet), I’m slowly working on my Pebble Tunic, and I’ve got a baby blanket (1 of 2) on my needles.

We also had a scare this weekend with Jellybean, her left side was extremely bloated/extended on Saturday morning. Turned out she had a bad case of gas and with that tiny body it didn’t have anywhere to go but to push out her left side. Aside from looking like a very curvy chihuahua the only difference in her behavior was that she was hesitant to jump and she’s a jumping little bean. Funny thing, they took two sets of X-rays of her and in the first set, the gas in her intestines looked like little jellybeans. Luckily after I got her to do her business and she was monitored for a few hours the swelling had already gone down and another set of X-rays showed she didn’t have anything obstructing her bowls. I’m glad we took her in and it wasn’t anything serious, but still stressful for the weekend.

I also wrote my column for MDK all about sweaters love since it was Valentine’s Day. So I’m still here, still in school and still knitting.

12 Replies to “Still Here, Still Studying”

  1. I’m glad to hear Jellybean is ok! Hey I’m knitting my second Love Note sweater thanks to your inspiration! Wow!!!

    1. You are amazing! I don’t know how you manage to do all that you do. I’m glad that Jellybean is ok. I love reading your posts.

  2. I’m so happy Jellybean is ok! Please take care of yourself! You warned us months ago that it’d be an extremely busy year. Love you, Dana!

  3. I use a CBD cream for muscle aches and pains if I plan on driving and take CBD oil sublingually if I won’t be driving. It’s much better than the pain pills I used to take and there are no side effects. You are the only person who’s even mentioned CBD. Thanks! I hope your wrist discomfort rights itself. Hoping your Jellybean maintains a healthy status too.

    Be well.

    1. My best friend is a CBD enthusiast so she turned me on to it. I’m allergic to a lot of medication and can’t take most pain meds so it’s a good alternative to give me relief.

      1. I have the same issues and tend to suffer a lot because I’m allergic to aspirin, NSAIDS and most pain meds. The CBD oil gives me pain-free days but it’s expensive. My daughter turned me on to it and I thank her every time we talk. I expect she’ll tell me to hush any day now.

        I turned my sister on to it as well for fibromyalgia and insomnia. Here’s hoping the CBD movement sweeps.

        Happy pain-free knitting!

  4. Good luck with all your school work. I use a gel pad for my wrists when using a keyboard—it really helps me, hope it does the trick for you. Happy knitting when you get a spare moment or two.

  5. So glad Jelly Bean is okay! Love all your sweaters! Good luck with your studies! ❤️

  6. Jellybean! I’m glad she’s OK and I hope you are too. When I’ve had hand/wrist problems it’s such a bummer not being able to knit, so I’m glad it’s not that bad for you!

  7. I just read Jellybean’s blog post over at Love Crafts, and I’m still smiling, lol. I’m glad that Jellybean takes such good care of her humans! She must be exhausted at the end of the day, what with all those belly rubs, treats and picking out yarn and patterns. Then to knit deep into the night… Ha, I’m glad she’s okay and good luck with your studying. Also, I don’t know which of you picked the Lou sweater, but I’m putting it in my queue – thanks!

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