Monthly Review: September 2019

Where did September go? Seriously, where did it go? It feels a bit like a blur but I actually finished a project this month which was more than I expected.

Jessica's Rhinebeck Sweater

This month I was able to finish a sweater for my best friend Jessica to wear to Rhinebeck. But when I finished it, I wasn’t sure about the sleeve length because she’s got long legs and apparently long arms. I sent it to her and the sleeves needed about two more inches, so when my husband had to go to NY over the weekend he brought her sweater back to me so I could add to the sleeves.

You can see here that I unraveled the cuff and then added on about 2 inches to the sleeve and reknit the cuff. I know taking apart of sleeve seems scary but it isn’t. I used a short circular needle to pick up the last row of stitches in the main color so that I could cut off the cuff and once I unraveled down to the pink, the stitches were already secure. The hardest part was matching up the same colors on the sleeve that I had before, but it was pretty close and she’s now got a sweater with sleeves she won’t tug at all day.

In other projects, I put my Linus sweater to the side (the brioche on smaller needles just takes forever) and whipped up another freestyle sweater for myself for Rhinebeck in an insanely bright yarn. I’ve got about 5 inches left on the body before I can start on the sleeves and I’m loving it as I try it on. So what were you able to finish in September? Share!

6 Replies to “Monthly Review: September 2019”

  1. AWESOME!!! I LOVE that Lemonade Shop color, that is GOR-GEOUS!!!! Can’t wait to see pics of you and Jess in your sweaters AT Rhinebeck! 🙂

    1. I love that yarn color too — it looks yummy enough to eat.

  2. That yarn IS exciting! When you say you are free styling??!! details, please!

    I’m finishing a Jennifer Wood cardigan that I started at the beginning of the month using Berroco Maya (red, like yours!). I was hoping to finish it in September, but too much work stuff going on. Then I’m going to use the leftovers for my first ever dog sweater! yay!

  3. Very nice! I finished a shift in September and started a Tuileries sweater — size 4 needles… this will be forever! LOL Good thing I am mostly home these days as I recovery from a partial knee replacement.

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