Brooklyn for the 4th of July

It has been a while since my husband and I went to his hometown, Brooklyn. Two years to be exact, so we went up for his uncle’s annual 4th of July party last week.

As much as we love Maryland and as long as we have lived here, Kendell is a New Yorker down to the bone. LOL I don’t blame him, Brooklyn really is cool and has its own vibe. As we were on our way out on Saturday, Kendell asked if we could put Jellybean in her Brooklyn Nets Jersey and take some pics on the bridge and in the Dumbo neighborhood near where he grew up. Of course I obliged.

I jokingly call this one ‘Jellybean running away from her problems’

She just kept running to me in every photo we took. LOL, she’s so my dog. So we decided it would be better if I held her on the bridge. I was not letting my girl go running off the side of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Cher loved traveling in the car, Jellybean does not. We’ve been trying to take her on daily car rides to get her more used to riding solo (Cher would sweetly hop in the seat with Beanie to try to comfort her when she got too nervous) but she’s been hating riding in her seat in the back alone. So I bought a console based seat (I know she’s safer in the back, but I can’t take the whining when she’s solo).

For the most part she snuggled in deep and was pretty good. And eventually she would just cover herself up with a blanket and sleep, so I considered it a win. I also took the opportunity to go to the Friday Knit Night at String Thing Studio while I was in Brooklyn. I’ll be honest with you, I can be a very introverted person and I find it so awkward being the new person jumping into scenarios like this. I’ve always had anxiety since I was a child over parties and groups of people, but I know how to cope and I sucked it up because I really wanted to finally meet Gaye of GGMadeIt in person.

Me, Nancy and Gaye at String Thing Studio Knit Night

It was so much fun and I had such a good night. I met Nancy, the designer behind the My Boy Lollipop sweater pattern and she is just the sweetest. And Gaye, well she’s just as warm and welcoming in person as she is online. It’s funny because she and I chat online all the time but to meet in person was just the icing on the cake. I called the shop ahead of time to ask if it was okay to bring Jellybean with me and the owner Felicia told me she was more than welcome and that they often knit on their back patio in the summer so she could happily roam around out back in a fenced in space.

I also met Louis of Brooklyn Boy Knits and it turns out we have mutual friends in common outside of the knitting world. Since I took Jellybean with me, we wore our matching Durumi tees because when you go to a Knit Night you should wear cute knits, right? She was really good with all the people letting folks pet her and even letting Gaye’s daughter hold her. And when she started to get a little overwhelmed, I slipped her into her sling where she hung out for the rest of the night, happily accepting head scratchies from her safe space.

AAAAND I bought yarn. LOL I couldn’t resist this Juniper Moon Farms Cumulus yarn. It’s a worsted weight cotton and is the softest yarn I’ve ever felt. The squish factor was so good and I decided it needed to come home with me to become something special.

14 Replies to “Brooklyn for the 4th of July”

  1. I love Juniper Moon Cumulus yarn also. I’m glad you had a great trip.

  2. You will LOVE the cumulus! I knit On The Beach by Isobel Kraemer with it and have thrown it on dozens of times in the past month or so since I finished it.

  3. I think Kendell may need more testosterone in the home. haha-ever thought of adopting a little male canine buddy?

  4. Sooo jealous!! String Thing Studio sounds fun! I feel anxious walking into an established knit circle of folks too. But knitting people are, usually, very friendly.
    I’ve been meaning to say that I love how you include links to everything you write about. You’ve introduced me to so many great things that way; patterns, yarn, people… Thank you for that😘

  5. I’m a NYer living in MD too. Was recently in NY on a visit, and I think I can finally say that after nearly 30 years in MD, I’m finally used to it. Love that photo with Kendell and the Manhattan Bridge in the background. You astonish me: you, an introvert? I would never have guessed it. Glad you had a good trip!

  6. What a great trip for the long weekend. I’m in Socal, so even though we live a ways from Ridgecrest, we got to feel two earthquakes that reminded me to update my earthquake prep. Fortunately, life goes on…..

  7. The Brooklyn pics are so cute. I went to NYC for the first time a couple weeks ago, Brooklyn actually, and I loved it!! And the vibe in Brooklyn really is nice and chill. I love that it was Kendall who wanted the pics of Jellybean in her jersey. So sweet.

  8. I loved that you all had a great trip. Jellybean now knows she can do it. The console seat sounds AWESOME .lovely yarn you got😍

  9. What a fun trip!
    I have a suggestion for Jellybean. She is probably associating the car with something bad like the vet. You could try making a positive association by feeding her (assuming she likes food) in the car but not taking her for a ride. Over time (it takes time to override the negative) start taking her for a short ride and then feed her increasing the length of the ride until she’s jumping in the car looking forward to the food at the end of the trip. Good luck:)

  10. Thanks for this post ❤️
    I looove Brooklyn too and yeah it’s the vibe

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