Dana’s Edit: Short Sleeves

It’s time for another edition of my monthly column, Dana’s Edit, for MDK. This month I thought I’d share some of my favorite short sleeve patterns that have caught my eye or I’ve knit before for summer. It’s summer knits season, let’s break out the short sleeves!

3 Replies to “Dana’s Edit: Short Sleeves”

  1. hi there I just read this post on mdk.. I keep watch on my email for your posts! I did ask about cher, how is she doing? love all these short sleeves, I am headed to stash to see how many I can figure out, so many to choose from and I love the different colors you choose!

  2. Every topic you post is delightful, but this is an especially encouraging one. I always stop knitting for myself come spring, thinking the garments will be too hot. Your example of the opposite it very welcome! Time to think more expansively about knitting for hot weather.. Thank you!

  3. I was originally drawn to your blog because of your love of color in your knitting. Since then, I continue to appreciate the knowledge and perspective that you share –thank you. O.K., I also confess to being in love with Cher and Jelly Bean!

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