FO: A Second Carbeth Cardigan

I don’t have pictures of my cousin Safia wearing her new Carbeth Cardigan but I do have pictures of the finished object. She got it in the mail last week Thursday and we did a video chat when she opened it and she loved the color and the fit was perfection! She’s one of the few people I know who really loves a surprise so when we spoke originally we talked about the pullover and then the cardigan came out and I thought that might be better and she told me to just pick and don’t tell her what I chose or show her the color. That was torture for me because I hate keeping secrets about gifts!
Safia’s Carbeth
Since I loved my Carbeth made with Periwinkle Sheep Intent Yarn I scooped up the last of her Be Still My Heart colorway. It’s a lovely red with pink and a subtle orange running through it. It’s tough to photograph the true color and it’s so multidimensional. My pics make it look orange but it’s a much more subtle, deep red shade. I’m telling you, if you love color, you need to try some Periwinkle Sheep yarn. She’s got some gorgeous shade of blue in Intent on sale right now. And you’ve seen her yarn here before in my Mom’s Blueberry Oatmeal sweater and my cousin’s Rain Outside Shawl that was so vivid and full of color I wanted to keep it for myself.
Safia’s Carbeth
And just like with my Carbeth, I wasn’t sure I’d have enough yarn (I squeaked out just enough) so I used the leftover blue from my Mom’s sweater to knit the folded over neckband. It’s a fun pop of bright blue against the red. And I used these fun bronze heart buttons with gears inside of them that I picked up from Joann’s on sale. I have a feeling with how Chicago weather goes she’ll be wearing this cardigan all year round. And since it’s her birthday month I’m already working on another project and she’s coming to town next week so I can actually give it to her in person.
I’m making her a Brio-Garter hat since I loved mine so much. Since her head is a little smaller I’ve sized down to a size 6 needle and I think it’s going to be just the right size for her head. I’m mixing a fun variegated blue and purple yarn with silver metallic yarn. I can’t wait to see how this one looks when I’m finished! And as always, when I knit I have a dog who wants to be a part of the process too. LOL

7 Replies to “FO: A Second Carbeth Cardigan”

    1. I did! I got an influx of traffic and figured out where the referral was coming from. Thanks for sending me the link too 🙂 I was behind on blog reading otherwise I probably would’ve seen it eventually.

  1. That yarn is POWERFULLY vibrant!!! The color is sooo rich!!! Great choice and the FO looks great! 🙂

  2. Love this one! It was very cool to see yours featured on Kate Davies’ blog.

  3. Awesome! Beautiful color, delightful inside neckband and lovely buttons! May I apply to be your cousin???

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