FO: To Wakanda, With Love

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie Black Panther yet, but if you haven’t you should. It’s good. And I’m a Marvel movie fan (I adore Tony Stark/Ironman) but because this super hero and cast were mainly black it was this wonderful sight to see. A black superhero and black women warriors…if only this had existed when I was a kid (Remember when I told you representation matters? It’s true!). The movie is based in the fictional African nation of Wakanda and the colors were just so vibrant and bold – clearly I was obsessed. So when I started working on a knitting project the weekend after I saw the movie my husband pointed out that this was my Wakanda color palette. LOL and I just embraced it.
Wakanda Forever
I used the Malabrigo Rios in Diana I picked up while in Louisville and paired it with a leftover skein of Malabrigo Worsted in Green Apple from my hat and mitts. It’s a bold mix of orange, red, yellow and green and I love how it came out. First I decided to do a worsted weight version of the Madness Hat and I like the closer fit. It’s almost like I knit up a turban. The Madness Hat takes up small amounts of yardage for each color so I knew I’d make myself a Bandana Cowl too to match.
Wakanda Forever
I can’t stop with the brioche, ya’ll. It’s my favorite. Although brioche creates a reversible fabric I always seem to like the side where the variegated color is the dominant color.
And this time with the Bandana Cowl I shorted the length before starting the decreases to start making the point. If I did it again I’d actually cut the stitch count too so it fits a bit closer to my neck. But it’s definitely been a nice piece to throw on especially after all this insane wind we’ve been having in the DC area.
I just love the vibrancy of this color palette. It makes me so happy to throw on bright color. And if you did see the movie you might notice Nakia’s Infinity Scarf, it’s a hand knit! And the designer made the pattern available for free on Ravelry! I don’t see myself knitting this pattern up but I can definitely see myself going to see the movie again! Wakanda forever!!

9 Replies to “FO: To Wakanda, With Love”

  1. As mentioned, I saw the movie and thought it was great on so many levels. I was quite entranced by the generals and loved all the matriarchal power and respect in the movie. Like I said, it was great on so many levels. I love your set; the colours and shapes are flattering to you. Nicely done!

    1. Totally meant to respond to your previous comment. I just loved the vibrancy of the color and seeing all the people of color. Also the women warriors were AH-MAZING!!

  2. Another wonderful use of color, Dana! I love the Wakanda connection.

  3. These are gorgeous — I love the hat has almost a turban feel! A brilliant use of color, as always. I am hoping to go see Black Panther soon, I’ve heard so many good things about it!

    1. The movie is so good. I plan on seeing it again, just haven’t had time and it’s still selling out!!

  4. Gorgeous color combinations and the hat is awesome!

  5. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!! All of it!!

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