Stitching Status: No Rest for the Weary

Babies and dogs have no regard for an extra hour of sleep on the weekends. Despite all of Bean’s yawning and snuggling we were up at the crack of dawn for a walk on Sunday morning, no matter how hard I tried to snuggle the girls to stay in bed. Oh well. I got up, walked them, went the grocery store, did my laundry and started to cook before 10:30am. I also had some time over the weekend to work on my test knit (still haven’t picked up my sister’s gift but have decided what will be made).
In progress
I’m making good progress, all I’ve got left are the cropped sleeves! And then I told myself I’d definitely work on my sister’s birthday gift. Definitely.

4 Replies to “Stitching Status: No Rest for the Weary”

    1. I was prepared for the early morning wake up and so I made sure to give as many belly rubs as I could before they tried to hop out of bed. LOL

    1. I love that tiny little dog. Her tongue is so tiny and I’m fascinated by just how little everything is on her. LOL

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