Brioche Baby

I’m really glad I took a brioche knitting class at my local yarn shop. I tried to learn via YouTube and was doing it wrong and wasn’t getting the results I should. After one (of two) classes I’m here.
Now, I am just learning so there are mistakes. I’ve pointed them out for you here.
Tiny mistakes
But what I didn’t highlight was the huge mistake I made because I was able to frog it back several rows AND FIX IT!! My husband heard me say out loud to myself, “If I can fix this I’m an f-ing boss,” and he laughed a lot. But with as complex as it looks, it’s a bit tricky to fix mistakes in brioche so I was happy when I was able to do it so smoothly….then just a few rows later I made another mistake I didn’t see until I was too far up and didn’t feel like ripping back again. Again, this is all about practice.
I mean look at this yummy two sided fabric it makes! It’s super squishy and the fact that I can use two colors makes me happy. But I definitely needed someone to guide me at first in making this. And now I have the confidence to make the Pommier Vest for my Mom and/or sisters.
I’ve also learned that Jellybean is an excellent yarn holder.
She diligently kept watch over the two skeins while we snuggled on the couch. And if this doesn’t become a scarf, this huge swatch just might be a tiny blanket that’s Jellybean sized. Have any of you guys tried two color brioche? Any tips or tricks you want to share?

11 Replies to “Brioche Baby”

  1. Oooooh! That is gorgeous! I love the colors you’ve chosen. I think I have some of that blue in my stash.

    I have tried the two color brioche and found its much easier to work it in the round than flat. I ve just been learning it myself but the videos seemed to work for me, along with a website called The Unapologetic Knitter. I haven’t made anything yet, but I got plans!

    1. I wanted to learn it flat since I knew that was harder. I figured if I could get that down, in the round would be a breeze!

  2. I haven’t done 2-color brioche yet, but I want to! I love the look of it! So I’m sorry I don’t have any tricks to share at this point, but I think what you’ve done so far looks beautiful!

  3. I love those combinations! Definitely have to and learn that stitch. Beautiful.

  4. wooohhhooo!!! Looks good! You’re well on your way, DWJ!!!! Way to go!

  5. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s the technique I want to learn next. And hey, now you’re ready for so many of Stephen West’s recent designs, and he’s someone who inspires me with his use of colour, almost as much as you do!

  6. Colourwork ain’t got nothing on you!!! If you can brioche, you will kill colourwork. It’s just like coloring, one thread at a time and soooooooo much easier to fix. You are a boss!!!!

    1. I’ve got a few small steps into colorwork that I’m going to do next but I’m so deep into starting holiday knitting. ugh. But I intend on slipping in some selfish knitting for myself soon.

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