One to Grow On

I love it when knits grow with the little person.
Maddie in her dress
The first example was when this tiny little dress I made for newborn Maddie turned into a tunic for a much bigger baby.
Maddie in her dress turned sweater
And then remember this dress from last summer?
Leah's dress
Well look at how well little Leah has grown and it’s now her summer tank top!
That’s the kind of knitting I like. Even though we know babies will grow out of things quickly it’s still nice to see them grow into the things we make them. And adults ask me all the time to knit them things but in all honesty if I could only knit for babies I’d be okay with that. They’re the cutest and best recipients and their parents think of me whenever they put my knits on their child. That’s love.

9 Replies to “One to Grow On”

  1. Your choice of patterns is spot-on and makes so much sense. I love the transition of dress to tunic or tank top. If only it worked like that with me, but I seem to grow in a different direction (hah!).

  2. I LOVE it!!!! What a great post! It’s always great to see the FO’s of DWJ (of which there are MANY), but to actually see one ‘grow’ as the recipient grows or stand up to the test of time (washing and other little things we do to our clothes) is absolutely WONDERFUL!! Because sometimes you make things for people, give them away and you may never see them again. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don’t knit often enough for the littles. Now I need to find some and force my knits upon them. 🙂 Beautiful knits!

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