The Little Things

Remember that fluffy chevron baby blanket I knit in February?
This weekend I got a chance to snuggle the recipient. Is there anything in the world better than snuggling a newborn baby? She smelled so good and gave these deep little sighs like she was just so exhausted. Ahhh…so sweet. Loved it! (And yes, I’m wearing my Four Color Fable cardigan.
Coming in at a close second to snuggling a newborn is snuggling a dog. I did a lot of this on Sunday. I’ve still got a slight lingering cough so I’ve been taking it easy so in between spring cleaning and catching up on so much other stuff but I made sure to pause and snuggle Cher for a bit on Sunday. She’s going to be 13 this summer so I try my best to soak up as much good stuff as I can.
And with my spring cleaning I decided to switch Jellybean from wearing hoodies to polo shirts. LOL My friend gave me these from his sweet little chihuahua Chico who passed away a few years ago. Chico is pretty much the reason I wanted a dog and Steven had been holding on to his stuff even though his dog Sophie is much bigger. He knew the good stuff needed to go to a good home and he chose me! We feel honored to keep Chico’s memory alive. And in knitting news…how about a sneak peek?
Little Women Lillian cardigan
This is my latest finished object and I’m mildly obsessed with the pattern this yarn has made. Can’t wait to share the details this week!

12 Replies to “The Little Things”

  1. Okay – first of all, CUTEST picture EVER of you and Cher!!!!! Also, I LOVE your new FO! Can’t wait to see more. 🙂
    And Jelly’s little polo shirt!!! How absolutely wonderful that your friend entrusted you with some of his dear Sophie’s things. Melts my heart. ❤

    1. I’m mildly obsessed with this FO. It’s the perfect addition to my closet for spring!

  2. The way Cher looks up at you in that latest picture is pure gold. You are doing everything right with that little girl! Everything looks great here… but I’m especially eager to see the newest FO. Beautiful colors.

  3. I always look forward to your FO’s. And aw, snuggling up with a baby with her little heater body and soft hair + how she just curls up against you.

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