Show Some Love: Karen’s Kitchen

Graduation 2008
Happy Friday everyone! Today I am digging out my robe and hood from my master’s degree graduation (I cannot find my cap for the life of me) and will be sitting in on my school’s graduation recognition ceremony. Tomorrow, President Obama will be the main commencement speaker but I’ll be listening to it as I drive to the Sheep and Wool Festival with my BFF. I opted out of trying to go to main commencement because security will be insane, lines will be long and I want my yarn! And on Sunday, we’ll be spending time with my Mom for Mother’s day – so I have a pretty awesome weekend in planned.
Karen's Kitchen
In non-knitting related news…Our goddaughter-to-be’s grandmother started a blog, Karen’s Kitchen, with pretty great recipes. I give her kudos for starting a blog and keeping it up and she’s so enthusiastic about it. She nominated me for one of those Creative Blogger award but I wanted to share her site with you guys in case any of you were int o cooking like I am. She puts an Italian spin on a lot of dishes and I’ve had her food…it’s good! So please show her some love and check out her blog.

And you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll have some pictures of my knitting progress and I’ll share what I pick up at Sheep and Wool!

4 Replies to “Show Some Love: Karen’s Kitchen”

  1. Can’t wait to see all of your goodies! Have fun!! Now, I’m off to visit Karen’s Kitchen. 🙂

  2. You look so official in your cap & gown! go girl!!

  3. Ooh! After I saw the Depression Chocolate cake, I knew I had to bookmark Karen’sblog. Thanks for the tip! And happy yarn hunting!

  4. So jealous you’re going to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, but I’m sure you’ll represent!

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