Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag

Field bag
This week the highly coveted Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag made it to my local yarn shop, Fibre Space. I am always looking for the best way to store my projects since I’m usually working on more than one at a time and I have really wanted one of these since they were first introduced, but they always sell our so quickly! The stars aligned and it was meant for me to pick one up this week. I actually drove to work the day they were coming to town, my husband was home sick so I didn’t have to rush home to get the dog, I had discounts on my loyalty card at my yarn shop (plus it’s my birthday month) and I had the cash already in my pocket. The universe was telling me I needed this, right?
Field bag
It’s a lovely canvas bag that stands up on its own! It has a wide mouth opening and a sturdy leather strap that should age over time.
Field bag
The interior is roomy (I fit 6 balls of this yarn in there easily) and it has pockets to hold notebooks, needles, etc. It also has three grommets on the inside to lead your yarn through. My only issue is that I know this canvas will get dirty pretty quickly because I always carry knitting with me. I would love to see another version of it in a denim or something with a dark pattern to hide that early wear and dirt. But for now, she’s mine and she will be housing my rainbow Madigan I intend to cast on next.

What are some project bags you love for storing and carrying around your projects? I’m always searching for the perfect one!

8 Replies to “Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag”

  1. Diaper Bag! They usually have a multitude of pockets, so notions and pattern copies can be stored easily. Plus- they hardly look like diaper bags anymore! I love them. And- you can keep baby wipes in the regular wipe slot- this way you can make sure your hands are clean before you start knitting. I like it a LOT!

  2. I have a bag that’s similar to a diaper bag. Lots of pockets and space. Got it at the 99c store of all places. I use other tote canvas bags. Pretty much non traditional knitting bags. Once they have space and pockets I’m good. 🙂

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