Where Do You Knit?

Field bag
Sunday afternoon my husband and I went to one of those movie theaters that’s a drafthouse so you can order drinks and food right at your chairs. We finally decided to see the Entourage movie (we used to watch the show) and it was an opportunity for us to get out of the house. I realized, my husband didn’t even bat an eye at me when I pulled out my Boothbay sweater in the theater to keep working on the collar (hello 5 inches of garter stitch!) during the movie.

I will knit anywhere.

89/100 #100happydaysofDWJ waiting on my mom so I decided to not waste time and take a coffee/knitting break. #dwjknits
I knit in coffee shops, movie theaters, waiting in line, waiting at the doctor’s office, on the subway and always in the car. It is rare that I don’t have a knitting project with me 90% of the time. Plus I’ve got project bags of all shapes and sizes (and have turned things that aren’t project bags into project bags because I saw their true potential) so why not take it with me?
And yet I hear people say they’re embarrassed to knit in public. Why? I’ve been stopped by people to ask what I’m making or where I learned to knit. One day in a coffee shop while I was waiting for my mom a guy saw me knitting and told me about this amazing hat his girlfriend in high school knit for him. They broke up a long time ago but he seemed to really miss that hat…and maybe her too. LOL

So is it just me? Or do you knit everywhere you go too? And if you are afraid to knit in public, why? I’m just curious.

*Oh and my favorite project bags include Baggu 3D Zip Bags (Large, Medium and Small) and the Fringe Supply Field Bag.


15 thoughts on “Where Do You Knit?

    • I had a woman tell me I was brave for knitting in public, she would be so afraid of people staring. I was so perplexed by that and I’ve heard other folks say they don’t do it in public either. I just don’t get it.

  1. I don’t actually knit very much in public – not because I’m embarrassed, but because I feel like I’m not giving my full attention to whoever’s in my company. I love knitting when I’m on public transport though, and I do enjoy the odd conversation about it. It’s always the kids who ask, and I love when they realise you can MAKE clothes! 🙂

  2. You are my hero! No, I don’t knit quite everywhere . . . one time I was determined to finish a pair of yoga socks for my teacher before my next class and I took my knitting to Sunday School class. Let me tell you, every stitch was writhe with guilt and I NEVER did that again. 😉 Most other places, I’m afraid to take my projects because I’m so clumsy I snag my pieces or a I spill stuff all over them! Hats off to you D for being the GODDESS of knitting and having the talent for knitting ANY where! 🙂

  3. I knit everywhere too. I’m going to the laundry mat in two hours … my project bag is already packed. I knit at work (during lunch though), on the subway, waiting for my peeps in restaurants. Only my younger cousins are mortified but they’re used to it now! LOLOL! I’ve never knit at the movies though (haven’t been in so long) but I can see that happening too. I think the only place I wouldn’t knit would be a church or a funeral. The first time I did it I was a little nervous but now, whatever man … the interest is always good.

  4. I have always knit in public. When I was in college, back in the Jurassic, I would knit in the kinds of huge lectures where I really didn’t take notes, including a Greek Mythology class. The TA told me that the entire Classics Department referred to me as Madame Defarge.

    • HAHAHAHAHA I didn’t know how to knit in college and didn’t have those huge auditorium classes. If only! Now I knit just about anywhere.

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