Planning for 2018

I’ve knit a lot of stuff this year (a wrap up will come at the end of the month) but I’m never finished working on my skills or plotting out what will come next. I thought I’d share some of things things I want to knit in 2018 for myself.

Equation cardigan
Equation cardigan via Ravelry

I have had the Equation cardigan in my queue for a while now. I even bought gorgeous green Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn specifically for this project…and then used it for my Angelina pullover. Oops! This time around I bought some lovely magenta Cascade 220 Superwash with this project in mind and to replace a magenta cardigan I’ve worn forever but definitely need to replace.

Comfort Fade Cardigan
Comfort Fade Cardigan via Ravelry

I have already bundled together the yarn in my stash to make the Comfort Fade cardigan. I plan on doing it in bright peach and pink shades and I cannot wait to cast this one on. This will be a perfect piece to wear from winter into spring and to throw on with any and everything in my closet. I think all the color has me the most excited.

Gneiss image via Ravelry
Gneiss via Ravelry

I’ve already talked about my want to make Gneiss and dip my toe into colorwork. This has to get made and I’ve already bundled together a wonderful color palette of teals and blue for this sweater.

Sunset Highway via Ravelry
Sunset Highway via Ravelry

I’m sure you’ve seen the Sunset Highway sweater all over Instagram. This is a pattern that will make me step out of my comfort zone. It is knit with fingering weight yarn AND has colorwork. This might be my biggest challenge for 2018.

Tamarack via Ravelry

Tamarack is one that I see as another staple and can almost be a transitional jacket for spring. Of course I don’t want to do this in a neutral. I plan on knitting this up in a stash of bright hot pink!

Gabrielle via Ravelry

And last but not least, Gabrielle. I was interested in the summer linen weight version but didn’t want to hold two strands together, so I was excited when I saw this release. I’ve got some Berroco Vintage in my stash that might make this a nice cozy layering piece for the winter.
And a bonus pattern…

Anniversaire via Ravelry

I’ve been in love with Anniversaire since I saw it on the cover of Pom Pom Quarterly. I just don’t know if I want to do that many cables! But I could always make this a pick up whenever I need a break project throughout the year. We shall see…

So this is on my 2018 knitting list, what are you planning to make for 2018?


A Cozy Idea

The other day my husband jokingly said he wanted me to knit him a robe. In my family, you know you’re in the inner circle when you get a robe. After my husband and I got married my Dad bought him a plush robe for Christmas – we are robe people. But I’ve never really wanted to knit a robe…until I saw this pattern.

Florham by Andi Satterlund
Florham by Andi Satterlund

This is Florham by Andi Satterlund from Stranded Magazine. Um…I kind of want to knit one for my cousin Safia in Chicago who I make so much stuff for already. If I knit it in her favorite shade of purple I’m pretty sure she’d stay wrapped up in it with her Christmas pajamas we send her all winter long. I’d just have to figure out the best yarn to use…

Obsessed: Gneiss

I love pattern releases so I’ve been eagerly anticipating seeing the latest patterns in the fall 2017 issue of Amirisu. They were finally uploaded yesterday and there is one pattern in particular that I’m completely obsessed with.

Gneiss image via Ravelry
Gneiss image via Ravelry

Meet Gneiss. It’s dk weight (Hello, Miss Babs stash!), suggests highly contrasting yarn (my specialty) and can be a color explosion. These all scream DWJ. The only thing that made me pause was that it has intarsia. Well, I’m so in love with it I started watching YouTube videos with intarsia and I’m determined to tackle this one. I’ve been hesitant to really deal with colorwork but I want this sweater, so it must be done. I’m also taking a two color brioche class starting next week because I have got to make this vest for my sisters!

So my obsession leads me to learn. What is something you’re trying to learn with your knitting?