Waving Hello

Walkies in MD

I’m popping on to say that I’m alive but need to not post anything for a bit. The semester is coming quickly to a close, I’ve got three research papers to complete and lots of grading and academic advising to do for my students. So my time is limited. But I am still knitting as a way to disconnect and will have some fun things to share soon. I’m also still mulling over the election and how close it was, and how I feel and where I think this country is going – but that’s a different post for a different day. And also thanks for the tips on adding leave-in conditioner to my Synthe sweater when I wet blocked it. That helped to soften it up a bit more.

I’ll be back soon!

7 Replies to “Waving Hello”

  1. Hi, Be well,take care. Good luck on your papers. Knit on.😍🤗
    Jackie and Lucy

  2. I figured all of the last minute end-of-semester-stuff was going on! Deep breaths; I know you’ve got this! Stay safe well. Sending hugs & knit on!

  3. You are in our hearts, Dana. Setting good priorities is one of your gifts. I look forward to seeing your posts when that’s possible again.

  4. Sending good wishes for loads of stamina for end-of-semester demands. Be well!

  5. Do what you need to do. We’ll be here when you’re ready!

  6. Seeing Jellybean reminds me of her support for Biden. She swung it!

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