New Year, New Things

Mon Soleil

Hello and happy 2023! I know its been awhile but I am still here, still knitting and doing all the things. I always want to do more here but realize I just don’t always have the time. A little life update, I am in the home stretch of finishing my PhD and should be defending my dissertation in April! I’m hoping once that chapter closes, I’ll be able to make space for more things like blogging and sharing. I spent my winter doing interviews for my dissertation study and in my down time I knit. I finished 28 sweaters last year, an all time high. I already started the year off with a bang and designed my own sweater and am contemplating grading it to sell it as a pattern, but that might take time since grading isn’t my thing. I think this year is all about pushing myself and trying things I haven’t before and that’s always what gets me excited. We are also coming up on the 1 year anniversary of bringing Kiwi into our family! I can’t believe it has been a year already?!

I just wanted to pop in and say, “hello!” because I do miss this space and have so many things I knit last year that I didn’t share. When I have the time, I promise to dedicate more to being here. I hope you’re well!

12 Replies to “New Year, New Things”

  1. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.  You bring a warmth and cheer into my home th

  2. Hi Busy Woman!
    Thanks for posting—your positive energy warms my soul. And your sweater is delightful!

    Warm hugs from cold Wyoming!

  3. glad you are still there and doing well..good luck with that dissertation! Hoping all goes well….I have missed reading you! Happy anniversary to kiwi

  4. Love here how you and Kiwi and Jellybean are doing

  5. So glad you’re doing well. Early congrats on your upcoming dissertation. Know you will do great!

  6. It’s good to hear that you are healthy and doing well! It’s been an age! 😁 Congratulations on this near final leg of your PhD journey, you’ve made it so far you can envision the finish, wwwooohhooo! Maybe you will do that yearly knitting collage you used to do as your yearly knitting review? Continue to be well, pursue happiness, and keep knitting! 🤗😁

  7. Thanks for the update, Dana. And happy Forever Home Anniversary, Kiwi. You sure have brought a lot of joy and energy to us.

  8. Miss you here, but totally understand! Love following your adventures and “makes” on IG. (You and your pups add joy to my days.) Your newest sweater is absolutely charming.

  9. I’m just back from Sweden where I attended the defence of my good friend’s thesis. I followed the ups and downs for 7 years while copy-editing. The last year or so was entirely devoted to all things thesis. So I totally sympathise with you! Wishing you all the best! I am sure everything will be fine. Perhaps you could post a bit of a resume? Just curious! It sounds super interesting. Very best wishes!

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