On My Needles and On My Brain

How is it April? The spring semester always seems to fly by and as it gets closer and closer to the last day of class I am overloaded with work to do. Spring semester is my favorite, my students design a magazine for the School of Business and although it’s a lot of work it is always so cool to see what they come up with. On top of teaching my full load, projects with my students and running after a new puppy, I’m also attempting to finish my dissertation proposal so I can defend it before I begin my research! I think I’ve spent the entire month of March reading and writing and cramming my brain with information and trying to get the best to spill out on the page. I’ve submitted my first draft to my committee for feedback before I had to defend my proposal so I know there will be more writing and editing and this month will be hectic.

So what have I been knitting? Actually a lot! Sometimes I find that when I take a break and knit, it helps my brain relax and then great ideas or thoughts pop into my head. So what have I actually finished knitting so far this year that I haven’t shared? Quite a few things. I’m going to link to my Ravelry project pages below, I’ve been at least keeping updated there but eventually I will also try to write about most if not all of these.

On top of finishing those things, I’ve had a Throwover on my needles for a while that may hibernate until fall along with the Iris Hat. I’ve gone into my cotton stash and I’m working on a Dustland sweater in some Berroco Weekend I’ve had stashed forever since it is discontinued and I’m knitting a fingering weight cotton version of the Lapponia. So yeah, lots of knitting in my down time.

Kiwi and the sweater

I am also coming up on the year anniversary of being hospitalized in May. This year has been profoundly life changing in ways I didn’t expect. One of them has been to create really hard boundaries for myself and focus on taking breaks when I need them. I don’t suffer from the all day fatigue I used to but I am definitely not physically as quick as I used to be and recovering takes a bit longer. My doctors all remind me that healing takes time and I constantly have to remind myself of that but I am so much stronger today than I was a year ago. I’m just happy I have the stamina to walk two small dogs multiple times a day!

I’m hoping that as school comes to an end I get into May (I’m excited for Maryland Sheep and Wool!) I will get back to regularly writing again. I also know some fun things are coming for the new season of Knit Stars and I will share that too. I just wanted to check in because I created this space so long ago and still love it and so many of you have cheered me on throughout everything. So thank you! I hope you’re knitting wonderful things too.

19 Replies to “On My Needles and On My Brain”

  1. It’s so wonderful to find this update from you in the in box! Grateful to know you continue to get stronger–yes, I too believe in “the tincture of time” and with it comes healing. All the best on your dissertation proposal and defense. You are amazing!

  2. So very good to hear from you, Dana, and to know that you continue to heal. My, you accomplish so much, both in your work life and your knitting life!

    My arms are around you, dear one!

  3. I’m so glad you can knit no matter what. I could never imagine myself not knitting, but a life changing event a few months ago has left me hardly touching it. Reading about your experience makes me feel encouraged to get back to it.

  4. So wonderful to find you in my IN box! I’m so glad you are continuing to heal. Love seeing all your knitting projects and hearing about your school/professional endeavors. I’m amazed at your productivity—while recovering!! Love, love, love your doggy pics♥️ Have a wonderful summer!
    Rebecca Hammond

  5. Sounds like you’ve been very busy. I’m SO excited for MD Sheep and Wool, too….made my hotel reservation months ago (since I don’t live in Baltimore anymore). Can’t wait to see all the great wool and people and sheep again!

  6. Love this blog, love to hear what you’re working on and love that you are a woman of color! There are so few of us out there or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places! 😄 I’m encouraged by your candor and your skill and glad to hear that you’re caring for yourself. Thank you for keeping this blog. I truly appreciate it!

  7. Good to hear from you.Hang in there and keep taking care of yourself. Lots of luck with the dissertation 😊

  8. Hi Dana, I am so HAPPY you are doing so well. Your knitting and jewelry making have been so AWESOME to follow along. I been so elated over reading your posts about Kiwi and Miss Jellybean😍😍 I am glad you are making time for REST Breaks for yourself!! I am will be cheering and praying for your success with your Doctoral work. This month is going by quickly.

  9. You never cease to amaze me! I’m so impressed with all that you are able to accomplish and with you still on your road to recovery. You are Impressive. Good luck with your doctoral work. I know you will do will.

  10. So happy you are steadily healing. And that puppy!! Doesn’t get much sweeter and cuter. His/her name?

  11. It’s always a pleasure hearing what you are up to on your life’s journey . I enjoy seeing what you are knitting,as well as the other things you are doing . You are a busy lady , and I’m glad to hear you are finding a balance amongst the business.

  12. I’m always happy to see a new post from you! Your Instagram posts are fun, but I’m a word person who really enjoys your blog. Keep taking care of yourself! Congratulations on moving forward with both your recovery and your dissertation work! Thank you for demystifying and modeling the dissertation process. I hope your work inspires more young women to tackle advanced degrees!

  13. I’m doing more cross stitching than knitting lately, but I’m always glad to see an update from you! And nice to see a glimpse of Jellybean, too. Are he and Kiwi getting to be friends? Best of luck with your dissertation proposal!

  14. What a wonderful list of goodies to think about making! I really like atari, but it’s oposite looks like yesteryears and both look great. Thanks so much for taking the time to post. And for all these great ideas. And take care of yourself too!

  15. Of, love seeing all of the knitting you’ve done. I’m happy to hear you’re creating boundaries to keep yourself safe and healthy. Teaching is one of those professions that will suck everything out of you if you let it- especially as a woman. Thank you for checking in here. I always smile to see a post from you. You’ll have to let us know when you’ve defended your dissertation so we can toast you remotely. What you are doing is truly amazing and I am sure inspiring to the students you work with. Love to you!

  16. I’m new to your blog. What brings me here is to ask about your Togue Pond tank you knit several yrs ago. How did yhe Oaton metallic yarn hold uo eith wear? I have this yarn in my stash and would love some feedback.

  17. It’s lovely to hear from you and to revel vicariously in your progress. Thank you for sharing these glimpses of your life with us. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  18. Dear Dana, I really enjoy your posts and your very inspiring essays on MDK — I often include links to them in our Windy City Knitting Guild newsletter. I just started teaching knitting — and told my students about the matching sweaters you create for your little dogs. When you have the time (ha ha — I know that’s a rare commodity ) could you add a page that’s just pictures of you posing in matching sweaters with Jellybean? Your Happiness always shines thru those photos! Sincerely, Karen Hoyer

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