The Tradition Continues: My Birthday Sweater

Today is my birthday. So I did what I always do and at the beginning of the month I put aside what I was working on and cast on a birthday sweater for myself. Learning how to knit was a gift I gave myself ten years ago, so I might as well make myself things that are super special since I’ve got the skills. You can see last year’s birthday sweater here.

Birthday Nurtured

This year I decided I really wanted to use a green yarn I’ve had in my stash forever, Katia Concept Cotton Merino in a deep green and black they don’t make anymore. I paired the yarn with the Nurtured Sweater, a pattern that I’ve had in my queue to knit forever.

Birthday Nurtured

I’ve tried to use this yarn twice and frogged those projects because they just weren’t quite right and I’m so glad I did because it was perfect for this textured slip stitch pattern. This sweater is a bottom up construction and I added two inches to the body because it is very cropped. I could have added one more inch but I’m fine with the length that it is currently. I also was lazy and didn’t swatch. I used the sleeve as the swatch and probably should have gone up a needle size just to get a slightly looser gauge because I don’t typically make my sweaters this fitted – but again, I was being lazy so I’m happy with the final results. And if you look closely, you’ll see I haven’t woven in all the ends yet. I will by the time it gets chilly enough to wear this one.

Birthday Nurtured

Since going back to work and school full time and still recovering from my PE’s, knitting has been a bit slower for me. At the end of the day I’m pretty worn out, which I’ve been told gets better with time and is part of my strength building I have to work on. It’s fine, I just have to really think about what I want to make and what I can actually execute in the little free time I have. I am glad I worked on this at the beginning of the month because I knew going back to work would drastically change things for me. I’m still taking my time, protecting my energy and space so that I can do the things I need and want to do in order to stay healthy and happy. Thanks for all of the encouragement and kind notes on my last posts, I truly appreciate it.

56 Replies to “The Tradition Continues: My Birthday Sweater”

  1. Happy Birthday 🎉🎊. I hope your recovery continues to go well, it’s so good to see you still knitting. I have loved seeing your earring creations on IG too. I’m starting a new job next week and need to get some knitting cast on to help with the nerves, always calms me to have something to tip away at! . X

    1. Happy belated birthday! And thanks for sharing your process with this sweater. I hope you regain your full strength again soon!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Nothing like being a Virgo 💚💚 Your sweater is as beautiful as you are! Here’s to a *wonderful* birthday for you 🥂

    1. Happy Birthday!!! You be look so beautiful. I love your sweater.

      1. Happiest of birthdays to you! Love the deep sea green color of your sweater. The best thing is seeing your lovely smile and hearing that you’re on the mend. Happy knitting!

  3. Happy birthday! The sweater looks great, and it’s always so satisfying when a yarn finally finds the right pattern. Enjoy!

  4. Happy birthday! What a great sweater and you look terrific in it! It’s a journey, for sure.

  5. Hoe you have a very happy birthday!!!! Beautiful sweater

  6. You are amazing! The bd sweater is awesome⭐️! It is a great color on you. Stay safe, be strong, and continue to heal. 🥰

  7. Happy birthday! Love the sweater. Your lessons on recognizing what you can realistically accomplish in a day will, I can assure you, prove useful as you move through your senior years.

  8. Happy birthday! I always enjoy reading your blog and I get so much inspiration and information from reading it. Thank you for writing it.

  9. Happy birthday and wishing you all the best in the coming year. Beautiful sweater and so much kudos on being deliberate with boundaries and gentle with yourself as you heal.

  10. Happy birthday you’re looking so beautiful and healthy. Your self care continues to show results. I hope you’re able to continue it and that knitting is part of it not a chore.

    1. Happy birthday! Pretty sweater-looks great on you.
      Wishing you a happy, peaceful, healthy year.

  11. Happy birthday! Here’s to another trip around the sun! Thanks for sharing your beautiful sweater!

    1. Happy birthday! That is a gorgeous sweater & you are rocking it! So glad you are on the road to recovery. Best wishes!

  12. Happy Birthday, Dana! I’m so glad to see that you continue to recover—it makes this birthday extra special! Love and hugs from WY.

  13. That is one lovely sweater! I really like the length and the fit on you (I know all about lazy swatching giving me a tighter fit than desired). Happiest of Birthdays. I’m so glad to see you in this space.

  14. Happiest of birthdays to you! That sweater & the green looks stunning on you!

  15. I love your birthday sweater and Happy Birthday!!!
    Quick little question. I’ve been contemplating a rescue chihuahua. This little gal doesn’t understand walking on leash, even to potty. Does your dear little one walk on leash?

    1. Jellybean walked on a leash but she had previous owners. Some dogs just need a little training to get them prepared.

      1. Thanks! This little lady just had puppies and won’t be adoptable for several weeks. I’ve been following her since she went to foster. She’s about a year old, from hoarding situation, and her pregnancy was only discovered when she went for spay. We’ve had dogs before, but never a Chi. Keep your fingers crossed I get her! Take it slow and stay safe 🤗

    1. Happy birthday what a lovely birthday tradition and a great sweater x just found your blog and looking forward to a read! All the best for a great year ahead

  16. Gorgeous sweater and you look fabulous in it? Where’s the one for your mini-me?

  17. Happy Birthday to you!!!! I love this color on you….you are glowing. Keep taking care and enjoy your day! Hi to Jellybean please 🙂

  18. It looks super comfy! It’s great to see you looking happy and healthy.

  19. Happy Birthday! I’m so glad you were able to make this for yourself, your happiness really shines through in these photos. The sweater is beautiful and looks like it will be really cozy. I wish you continued good health

  20. Happy Birthday and good to hear that you are on the rebound!
    Is there enough yarn for Jellybean’s sweater?

  21. Great sweater, and LOVE your side-swept hair! Celebrate making it through #uch an incredibly challenging year and take things as they come. Wishing you many many years of health and yards and yards and MILES of Happiness ahead!

  22. Happy Birthday! My birthday is coming up and I am going to borrow your tradition. I’ve already got a sweater in mind! Take care and stay safe!

  23. Happy birthday, Dana! I’m going to find a nice way t celebrate my birthday this year like this. Your sweater is fantastic and soooo squishy-looking – and you look fabulous in it. Here’s to getting stronger and happier!

  24. Such a cute sweater! Happy birthday, Dana, and best wishes for many more, with increasing strength and health.

  25. Happy Birthday Dana! I love your birthday sweater. Wishing you many years good health and getting stronger every day. Have an wonderful Birthday and a great year.

  26. Happy Birthday!!! What a terrific sweater – yarn and design! It looks great on you and super comfy as well. Hope this is the start of a happy, HEALTHY, and completely awesome year for you. Think about you and often, sending positive vibes when I do, and always regard it as a good day when I see Yards of Happiness in my inbox!

  27. Happy Birthday! Great job on the sweater it looks amazing on you.

  28. Happy birthday Dana! So nice to see you. Beautiful sweater, as always.🎂🎉

  29. Dana. Happy Birthday! The sweater is gorgeous and you look beautiful in it. Keep taking your time and healing. Your health is what matters most, and your presence, whenever you can show up, is a gift we appreciate. Stay sane this semester.

  30. Happy Birthday dear Dana! You look happy, healthy, and glowing!

  31. Happy birthday! I love the sweater and am glad you are continuing to improve.

  32. Happy Birthday! I missed it because Yahoo mail decided Google’s feedproxy was a spammer. Fixed now.

    Your new sweater is a beauty. And that’s one of my favorite stitches – so useful and so pretty! (And no purling, yay!)

  33. Such a lovely shade of green and a flattering sweater – a fitting Happy Birthday sweater!

  34. The gauge looks great because the fit is just right. Soooo glad you are recovering well. It’s been almost 2 years since PEs nearly cost me my husband (he coded). Never saw so many nurses and doctors rush into a room!!!! You are one of the only 10% (I recall) that actually walk out of the hospital after a PE.

  35. Happy Birthday Dana! You will feel better someday. Listen to your body and rest when you need too. Your health is the most important thing. Cheers.

  36. wonderful color and great sweater! Im inspired. be well and protect your health.

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