Flashback Friday FO: Madigan

Since I’ve started this year off with a lot more followers than I’ve had in the past, I thought it might be nice to pull up some of the Finished Objects of the past in a Flashback Friday kind of post. Plus, I’ve been solely working on a project I can’t share so I wanted to share SOMETHING! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see in my stories I share #TodaysKnit, whatever knit thing I’m wearing that day. The other day I shared one of my Madigan sweaters. Most people know and love my Rainbow Madigan.

Madigan (rainbow version)

But did you know that wasn’t the first multicolored version of that sweater I made? My first Madigan I made back in April of 2015 before I started blogging! I had some leftover Berroco Weekend and decided to grab two other colors to make it a gradient Madigan with cotton so I could wear it in the spring and summer.

It also reminds me of my husband’s Shades of Blue sweater but in reverse. I hate getting makeup on my clothes so if I colorblock, I typically put the lightest color on the bottom. This is usually the first spring sweater I pull out to wear. It’s so light and breezy and feels so good on a cool morning. And after four years it is still holding up really well.

What’s a project that you finished years ago and is still a favorite? Feel free to link to it on Ravelry too so I can see!

8 Replies to “Flashback Friday FO: Madigan”

  1. Love the flowing shape of this one, as well as your colors. The strategy of darker colors near the face is also good for those of us who choose to go gray but don’t want to look drab. It’s great to have a progress report on how the yarn is wearing, too. I’ve had some disappointments with highly recommended yarns (fading, pilling), so seeing your first Madison looking crisp and pretty after four years is a real endorsement for Berroco Weekend.

  2. Hi Dana. Too piggy-back a bit on Oona’s response, have you ever done a blogpost on your yarns you love for sweater-making?

  3. OK, I *LOVE* that, and now I’m on Ravelry favorite-ing short and 3/4-sleeve sweaters so I can make one in Berroco weekend!

  4. You have so many great sweaters, how do you store them all?

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