Weekend Work

This weekend was hectic but I still managed to get a little knitting done!
Jellybean was super helpful and snuggly Friday night as I worked on a baby cardigan for a friend. I’m giving it to her today so you’ll get to see it this week.
Another girlfriend with a toddler sent me a link to a Gap cardigan she liked for her son Eli, I dug through my stash to pull out the colors. I’ll use the same baby cardigan pattern I always use but just add in stripes, this should be a fun knit.
And I ordered some Berroco Remix yarn to try out a different fiber for a vest for my husband. The color is more brown than I expected but it’s got a cool tweed look to it. We shall see how this one works up. I’ve got a design idea for him swirling in my head that I want to make and hope I can with this yarn.

Did you have a good weekend?

5 Replies to “Weekend Work”

  1. I’d like too make sweaters for my twin grandchildren (boy and girl). What’s your favorite child sweater pattern? Enjoy your blog and lovely finished works. Also love, love your dog sweaters for those cuties. Thanks! Nancy

      1. Love it – and so many sizes! I bought it immediately. Thanks!

  2. I have used Remix and really liked it. It is not as warm as wool so you can wear it indoors but has a nice wool-ly look to it. Your husband could wear his vest to work as it is not too warm for an office environment. Should his job site be a little chilly, it is indeed a lot warmer than shirt sleeves. It wears reasonably well also, and is pleasant to knit with.

    1. Oh thank you for the review! I was looking for something that wasn’t wool and wouldn’t make him overwhelming hot. This sounds like I made the right choice!

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