Random Things: The Dana Hat & Dana

I was reading another blog the other day and I came across the Dana Beanie. I mean my name is Dana so I automatically love all things named Dana.

WOMMELSDORFF “Dana” Beanie \\ image via Barneys

And then I saw the original price: $265. Excuse me? It was 50% of during the Barney’s Warehouse Sale but still, $265? And I know people bought it. Clearly I need to start knitting some hats! LOL But I do love to point out knitting prices to non-knitters who ask you to knit them a hat for $20…the yarn probably cost more than $20 if it’s the good stuff. I took my cousin’s sweater to the UPS Store the other day for them to pack and ship it to her and the young man, Carlos, who was helping me couldn’t believe I made it. Then he asked me to make him a sweater. I laughed and said no. And then he asked, what about a hat, $20? $30? Sigh…no, Carolos. And since we’re on the topics of Danas I thought I’d share my new haircut!
2018 Selfie
I posted this on Instagram but I finally chopped off all of my hair. I’ve had a chemical straightener in my hair since I was three and over the last year or so I’ve felt like I’ve just been fighting with my hair. So I decided to cut it all off and start over from scratch without chemicals. The great thing is that my husband was super supportive and excited to see me cut it and my close girlfriends were super positive and loving. It’s kind of scary cutting off all your hair. It’s a big change. Everyone asks me how I feel and honestly right now I feel exposed because no one is used to seeing me like this so I get a lot of questions and people wanting to check it out. But I’ll get over the extra attention and get used to it (I surprised myself this morning when I looked in the mirror first thing, LOL). But man, it sure didn’t take me long to get ready this morning! It feels kind of free and light. And one last thing to share just for cuteness sake…
Patiently waiting
Cher and my husband were both downstairs watching basketball and I got in bed and of course Jellybean followed. And normally she curls up on my legs while I read a book but that night she decided my husband’s king sized pillow was the perfect bed for her to wait for them to come join us in bed. Just too cute to not share.

Have a great weekend!

22 Replies to “Random Things: The Dana Hat & Dana”

  1. OMG!!! You did it!!! Didn’t think you would follow through . . . it looks AWESOME! You wear it well 😉 You look GOR-geous!!!!

  2. Sleek and chic! Short cuts can take some getting used to (I went from long to very short years ago when my hair’s texture changed), but I think you’re going to love this one. A chemical-free life is for sure a good thing. And your stylist is a real artist! After the tension of making the big decision, now you can relax and bask in all the compliments you’re sure to get.

    1. I’ve been surprised by all the compliments and I was so nervous to just chop it all off but it feels good 🙂

  3. I already commented on Instagram, but I totally love your hair! You’ve got the face and the confidence to pull off this look. On the Dana hat, it also looks like it’s knit with super chunky yarn, but who the hell is knitting it? Tibetan monks who are imbuing it with spiritual powers?! Ah, capitalism! Have a great weekend. I have a couple of knitting disasters to contend with.

    1. Thank you about the hair 🙂 I laughed at the monk comment, I seriously don’t understand why that hat is so expensive?!

  4. You looks fabulous!! Spring is a good season for fresh starts.

  5. I agree with you regarding the price of handknit items. People really don’t appreciate the work that goes into an item or the cost of good materials. However, as you also mentioned,sometimes prices are extrememly inflated like the Dana hat. I always wonder who can buy a $260 knit hat. That would be a nice coat for me! In Boston, there’s a company called “Sh*t That I Knit” that was charging around $165 for hats knit by local women. I see now that they are having them knit in Peru and the price has decreased. Still couldnt justify $125 for a handknit hat in super bulky weight yarn.
    Love your hair! I wear my hair pretty short. Only problem with mine is I have to color it too often!

    1. Yeah it just seems like a lot of money for a bulky knit hat but hey, people are buying it!

  6. I grew up in an environment where just didn’t cut off your hair. First thing most of the six daughters did when we went off to college was cut our hair short. It felt free and light, and we realized we weren’t defined by our hair. Congratulations on a brave, bold stroke. You look chic and lovely!.

  7. Your knew ‘do’ makes me happy….in fact, I’m grinning from ear to ear! Hooray for you…it enhances your charm even more. You are so good for my soul…your lovely disposition just oozes thru the airwaves and makes my day.

  8. Yeah! I agree with an earlier comment: it merely takes some courage, pluck and especially confidence to rock short hair. I have hardly any hair and seven cowlicks all over my head, so I decided to just cut it all off. Having short hair paves the way to be more active, less tied to the “I can’t get sweaty or wear a hat because of my hair,” tyranny. You look adorable! Rock it girl!

    1. You’re right about no excuses. It’s so much easier to manage now too. I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

  9. I love the new ‘do! Chemical-free is a great step…really freeing. I always cut my hair when I feel like things are out of control. I recently got rid of 3-4″ at the hairdressers and what a relief. 🙂

  10. You look so beautiful! You’ve inspired me to make a radical move and go short too. Thank you!

  11. I SO LOVE your hair and love that you’re starting fresh! It’s a funny thing, but I cut off all of my hair about three weeks ago too. ALL of it. The stylist used a number 3 blade on the clippers. So we’re kind of twins in the hair department. 🙂

    1. What?! Sounds like you’re just as short if not shorter than me! I’m loving how much quicker and easier it is to take care of right now.

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