FO: The Road Trip Hat

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen in my Instagram stories that I shared our road trip for Thanksgiving. My husband and I packed up Cher and Jellybean and drove from Maryland to Memphis, Tennessee. Are we crazy? Perhaps.
On the way there we broke it up a bit stopping after 12 hours in Nashville for the night. The next morning we hit the road to Memphis.
Cher loves car rides and her cushy seat in the car. Jellybean does not. So on the way home I ended up holding her for about 4 hours since we did a straight drive home. It ended up taking up a little over 16 hours to get back because of traffic but we survived.
While I was on the road I decided I’d make a hat for my cousin Amelia that she asked for last year. It’s a pattern I’ve made a million times before,Dreiecke by Shannon Cook. I started it that morning…
And before I crashed for the night at the hotel I had reached the point of making decreases. In the morning we weren’t in a rush and my husband had a little work to do so after we walked the dogs and had breakfast I finished it off before we headed to Memphis.
The yarn is Lion Brand Heartland in Joshua Tree, a pretty olive green and it also has a Lion Brand pom pom I picked up from Amazon last year – note if you search for them on their site they have some fun colors and on clearance too! As for the trip with the dogs…
I already know Jellybean is slow to adapt to new environments and change so there was a lot of Bean holding. I also brought my little sling sack I carry her in and she would happily slide in and take a nap or just quietly observe hanging from my back. She’d be so quiet you’d almost forget she was in there until she started to wiggle around or readjust.
And Cher, as long as she has a blanket and someone to rub her belly when she rolls over she’ll go wherever we go.  She’s such a trooper. And since I finished the hat so quickly I was able to start my next project!
My husband’s sweater is now almost to the point of separating for sleeves! But more on that later. Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

9 Replies to “FO: The Road Trip Hat”

  1. You amaze me! You make so many beautiful things and actually finish them! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Look at how they roll. I saw on IG I think this seat belt for dogs where their spines are against the seat because if you’re rear ended or even just slammed into, the belts used today will still allow your dog to fly forward and slam against something.

    1. There are so many seats and contraptions for dogs. This one has them harnessed in their seats but they have a limited range of motion. I can’t take Jellybean and her wiggly butt climbing all over me while I drive, it’s just not safe.

  3. Love all the pics!! Happy (late) Thanksgiving, Dana!!!

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