Stitching Status: Color Inspiration

I’ve talked about my love of color here extensively but what I haven’t talked about is my fear of colorwork. Stranded, fair isle, intarsia…it’s all greek to me but as I see more and more colorful patterns I love I am realizing I need to get over my fears and get to learning!

Left image via and Right image via

On the left is a lovely knit suit from the Prada Fall 2017 Ready to Wear Collection. I saw another version of it in one of the September issues and it made me remember the Ravelry pattern on the right. The Shuffle Kimono and the Sunset Sails Jacket are both free patterns from Rowan that fill my color loving heart with joy and my knitting hands with fear. But this is my ultimate knit that will take some time to work up to but I’ve promised myself it will get knit.

Do any of you have knitting fears? Or projects you’re waiting until you’ve perfected a technique?

16 Replies to “Stitching Status: Color Inspiration”

  1. I love color too, but I don’t much like intarsia and Fair Isle work. Have you tried mosaic knitting? You can create alot of colorwork illusions with slip stitch knitting. 🙂

    1. I’ve done some slip stitching stuff with baby blankets but never with a sweater. I considered that but I know one day I have to bite the bullet and do some colorwork.

  2. I am currently working on a 2-color cabled mitt.
    It is a huge leap for me. I’m currently on the 3rd attempt. (I frogged it again after I posted the photo on Ravelry.)
    I might never attempt this again, but it is such an enticing challenge that I’ll try my best to complete both mitts.

    1. That’s how cabling was for me in the beginning. I think I frogged this one little cowl 12 times before I got it. I think that’s what I’m dreading about working with multiple colors.

  3. I consider myself a fearless knitter 🙂 I know that if I really like something, I can handle it, because I have such passion for this craft that I am willing to spend a lot of time on it! I am sure you can knit it – this design is so “you” with all its fun colorwork!

    1. Because this pattern feels so me I feel a strong urge to make it. I just know it’s going to frustrate me. LOL I’ll get there eventually.

  4. Colourwork, especially fair isle, Scandinavian and Latvian/ Estonian patterns, is my ultimate knitting goal too. Well, one of them, but very important. I’m not there yet and each time I’ve tried, my tension was awful. But I’ll get there eventually, I know it 🙂

    1. I keep telling myself I’ll get there too and I feel like now is the time but I just don’t want to tackle it. I’m scared. LOL

  5. I do enjoy color work, and find that simple two-color patterns aren’t terribly difficult to manage for tension. Years ago I made an Argyle vest for an Undeserving Boyfriend. Nevermore! Now, what I’m really terrified of us steeks. Eeek. Haven’t had the nerve to do such a thing yet.

    1. See steeks I don’t think I’d be afraid of but this makes my palms sweat! Also sorry about the underserving boyfriend getting a good knit. Ugh.

  6. I think fear of colorwork to THAT extent would make anyone’s heart beat faster – mine certainly does! You’ll get there . . and if you don’t that’s alright too 😉

  7. I love colourwork, working on a hat now. In order to keep my tensioning right, I use a yarn guide. I also have a yarn thimble for when the project only uses two colors. You can find both at Knit Picks for a very reasonable price. I tried two handed fair isle but the guides work better for me. See if they make a difference for you. You can do this!

    The fear you have of colourwork, I have for lace, but I’m getting ready to start tackling it … just as soon as my book gets here.

    1. I’ve done lace but not with lace weight yarn and it wasn’t intimidating. Something about multiple strands and the possibility of holes in my work and tangling things up terrifies me. I’ll get over it.

      1. You will and honestly, the guides eliminate where you need to wrap and the tangling. It’ll be straight knitting for you.

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