FO: Lucia for Safia

I’ve got not one but two good finished object posts for you this week! And since I didn’t write on Friday because I was in Chicago I thought I’d start off the week with the sweater I finished for her while I was in Chicago.
Safia's sweater
This is my three color Lucia Hoodie for Safia.
Safia's sweater
This silly girl gave me every single pose in the book when I asked her to pose for photographs. I will admit it was fun photographing someone other than myself who was willing to pose.
Safia's sweater
The original version of the sweater was done in one solid color but because I am me I knew I couldn’t do that. Plus I knew I’d be just short of the yardage I needed for the entire sweater if I did it just in the solid purple. I bought this Lion Brand Heartland yarn in purple and pink on a black Friday sale with Safia in mind last year but just hadn’t figured out exactly what I wanted to make her. Her favorite color is purple and I wanted to make her something that would be good all year round in Chicago so I settled on the Lucia hoodie. My only modifications were to shorten the sleeves and add more buttons. The pattern called for the sleeves to be 18 inches long when you attach them at the underarm but I know her arms are only 16 1/2 so I stopped at that length and it’s a perfect fit.
Safia's sweater
I also knew a single button wasn’t going to do against cold Chicago wind, so I added five so she could keep out the chill and button it all the way up. Mind you it was in the sixties while we were in Chicago and I had to wear my Royally Striped cardigan because I was cold! I brought it with me to wear in the car because my husband always wants it way colder than I do but it came in handy while we were running around outside. We drove to Chicago so by the time we arrived on Thursday I had finished all of the body and just had to do the final garter button band – that took forever. And I added in just a few rows of teal to give an extra pop of color. Plus that’s the color on the inside of the pockets so it was fun to add another color to this project.
Safia's sweater
In the end, I love the final results. It’s a great trio of colors that really pop against her skin. If you like bottom up sweaters and don’t mind a lot of garter stitch this might be the project for you!

12 Replies to “FO: Lucia for Safia”

  1. I love this! You find the BEST patterns. Safia is as cute as she can be showing off your beautiful work. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had such a fun model. 🙂 It looks like the fit is perfect for her. That’s so funny about the air conditioning in the car. It’s the exact same thing with Paul and me. LOL

    1. I was super happy with how good the fit was because I was especially nervous since I was shortening the sleeves. Sleeves are always too long and I hate that. But it’s supposed to be chilly and rainy today so I have a feeling she’s wearing it.

  2. Absolutely stunning! And that little touch of teal is what pulls it all together. Wow! Gorgeous demonstrator finish. I do wish there was a close-up of one of the buttons. Can you describe them a little more?

    1. What I really said was, Gorgeous from start to finish! Doggone autocorrect!!!

  3. I love your mods to the sweater! Another beautiful job!

  4. In the olden days, I used to pour over Ralvery to get new ideas of fun stuff to knit. Now I just keep up with every entry of Yards of Happiness. Your color blocking on this just makes it. The pattern has been in my favorites for a while but I was lacking inspiration until I saw your ideas. Thank you so much for all of the sharing you do!

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