Stitching Status: Thankful for Cuteness

I’ve been slowly plugging away on a sweater for my Mom for Christmas over the last few weeks and I told my sisters I would probably finish their sweaters after Christmas. I’m not in a rush to force myself to get it all done. Fro my mom’s sweater I’m knitting the separate pieces for the front and back 2 at a time on one long needle but it’s a smaller needle and it gets a little tedious so I stop or switch projects so my hands don’t get fatigued. The one awesome thing about this project is that I’m using 2 huge skeins of Miss Babs Yowza for each piece so I shouldn’t have any loose ends to weave in when I’m finished! I also haven’t taken a single picture of it and probably won’t until it’s finished. What I do have are pictures of cute dogs and even cuter babies to share.
The only thing you can do after a good turkey dinner with the family. #cherandjelly
Over the long holiday weekend last week we took photos for our holiday cards and I left the ladies in their sweaters all day since we were heading to my Mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. I made them their own mashed sweet potatoes to add to their dinner and they gobbled them up.
You know it’s really good when you have to put your foot in the bowl to get every last drop.
Johnson family 2016
Of course when we took photos in every one they looked in the exact opposite direction of where we wanted them to look but they were still cute anyway. Jellybean is wearing an adorable hand knit bumble bee sweater I got with a gift card and it so nicely done. I have yet to dip my toe into colorwork but this made me want to so badly. And of course Cher is wearing the sweater I knit her last week for photos. And remember that matching dog and baby sweater set I made a few months ago? I got a picture of the recipients of the sweaters to share over the weekend.
Rosie and Edie
The cutest combo of dog and baby ever. I absolutely love this photo. They both look so serious about their modeling. And if that isn’t enough cuteness for you…
I give you my dogs wearing hats. No I didn’t knit this one, I picked it up at Petco. And Jelly left it on without complaint. I was surprised.
And Cher has on a fuzzy trapper hat. I love it! And that’s your dose of cuteness for the day. You’re welcome.

10 Replies to “Stitching Status: Thankful for Cuteness”

  1. ROTF LMBO!!!!!! I love the hat on Jelly with the strings hanging down!!!! And the baby/dog sweater combo is THE CUTEST E-V-E-RRRRR!!!! Thanks for sharing, DWJ, it looks like you had a lot of fun over the Turkey Day holiday, playing dress up 😉

  2. thank you for the cute pics that make me smile!!! my granddaughters have my knitting list well into the new year.. all for their American girl I am working on a swancho for myself, never made anything for me other than shawls. very easy and so anxious to get this done..inbetween the doll clothes of course

    1. I am really trying to resist the urge to knit myself a quick cardigan. I must complete this sweater for my Mom.

  3. They keep telling me that laughter knits broken bones. If so, you’re one of my favorite doctors! Such great pictures!

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