FO: Super Bulky B&W Hat

Super bulky hat
Perhaps I was inspired by GG Made It and her super bulky knits. Perhaps I just wanted a quick hat. The other night in about 2 hours I whipped up the Slouchy Pom Hat, a free Ravelry pattern with some super bulky Lion Brand yarn I bought by accident – I thought it was chunky weight and turns out it was super bulky. Oops! {Side note: I do have a spot of lipstick on my tooth in the above pic…I was not retaking a photo just for a tiny smudge. Hey, this is real life, folks.}
Super bulky hat
I didn’t even care to swatch this one, I just pulled out my size 13’s and knit this up during an episode of the Biggest Loser. I think it needs a huge pompom on top in a contrasting color but I have cleaned up my knitting supplies so much I don’t know where I put my pompom maker! So eventually, that will be added. It was pretty satisfying knitting up something in just a couple of hours…I see more bulky knits in my future.

Also, I’m feeling a knitting slow down in my future. I’ve got 1 sleeve left on the sweater I gave a sneak peek of the other day and that will be my 5th sweater this year – so I think I can slow down a bit. I had hopes to whip up a sweater for my cousin before I visit her in a couple of weeks but I don’t know if I’ll get to it and that’s okay – she’s just happy I’m coming to visit! So my next focus might be on a vest for my mom and myself. I just got the yarn last week and I’m excited to work on something a little bit more complex and new to me but will probably slow me and my speedy needles down just a bit.

Any big knit patterns I should know about? Share!

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