Stitching Status: Las Vegas Edition

As you’re reading this post I’m on a flight trying to make my way back home before the big snow storm hits DC. I’ve been in Las Vegas for a week for work and all I want is to kiss my husband, snuggle my dog and sleep in my own bed. I won’t be upset if Monday is a snow day, I need the extra day of rest.
Knitting bags
One of the things I do to relax while traveling is knit. So this week while I’ve been away I’ve been working on the Cupid cardigan for my adorable little Maddie. Her first a birthday and party happened while I was away and I wanted to make her something special. I have almost an entire skein left of the Miss Babs Yowza I used on the body of my Wile One sweater and I didn’t know what to do with it…so I decided why not make a toddler a cardigan out of insanely nice yarn? Besides, it’s a gift! Hopefully over the weekend I can finish this small cardigan because I have only been able to put in a few rows each night before I’m ready to pass out at 9pm. Also, how cute is this knit stitch tote bag? I found it at Banana Republic on clearance, couldn’t resist.
Towards the end of this convention I was hurting all over. I’ve walked so many miles each day, my FitBit has been buzzing away. Luckily the shops at Caesar’s had a Lush Cosmetics so I could buy myself a bath bomb to use in my gigantic tub in the hotel. I needed to relax and this baby did the trick.
It wasn’t a bubbly bath bomb, instead this is part of the Luxury Bath Melt series and man it was luxurious. It released essential oils into my bath and gave me a fragrant softening soak. If only everyone wouldn’t keep texting me while I was trying to have a brief moment of silence and relaxation…I tried. And the other thing that made me miss home?
Checking in on my fur baby at the Pet Resort in her room on their webcam. Cher is a spoiled senior with a past we really don’t know about so finding a place that accommodates her needs and my over the top dog parenting was essential. The folks at Olde Towne Pet Resort really love animals and it shows and if for some reason my husband and I both get stuck on our west coast work trips, we’re not worried because we know she will be taken care of in our absence.

So here’s to getting home before the storm hits and snuggling with my family on the couch knitting while the snow falls. Stay warm and safe out there!

10 Replies to “Stitching Status: Las Vegas Edition”

  1. Safe travels! And Wile One looks good with the gold skirt! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks! The husband and I made it! We picked up Cher and are ready to be snowed in.

  2. Ah, to be snowed in. I’ll have to check on my family (my parents as well as my son) in DC. Hopefully they’ve battened down the hatches. Glad you and your husband made it home and that Cher is back in the lap (literally and figuratively) of luxury. Enjoy some deep knitting!

      1. Yay! Love thinking of you home safe and sound and snuggling with Cher. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I am!! She is curled up at my feet on the couch and I’m knitting. Life is good.

  3. Can we talk about that bag for a minute please. The one with the knitted design…Huh? Please?

    1. I’m obsessed with it. The best random clearance item I’ve ever bought. I haven’t been in a Banana Republic in years and there it was asking me to buy it at 50% off!!

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