Happy Knitting

I have not finished my sister’s sweater and not because I haven’t had the time or because it was complex. No, this was a super easy top down sweater (you can see it on Ravelry – I’m hiding it from her until Christmas). No, I haven’t finished her sweater because I’ve been procrastinating because I just have the sleeves left and I know it won’t take me any time at all. I should probably get that out of the way and blocked since Christmas is next Friday. I told myself once I separated the body and sleeves on my Terra Garter Raglan I’d start the sleeves on her sweater…but I kept knitting on last night and this morning in the car. Oops!

I have to admit, I love how soft the Knit Picks Mighty Stitch yarn is but there are odd half knots in random places. It’s not even a full knot, it’s like they knotted half of the strand…it’s odd. But I have gotten knots in Knit Picks yarn before so I kind of expected it and hasn’t turned me off from wanting to work with it again. I’m also obsessed with how bright and vivid this green is, it’s just too good. I’ve even got my eye on their Soft Rainbow Mighty Stitch Sampler. Perhaps that could be my Age of Adaline inspired sweater color palette. So hopefully once I finish the sleeves on my sister’s Christmas gift I can finish this gorgeous green sweater and wear it for Christmas day – fingers crossed. And in other knitting news…
Tiered coat
At the end of the year last year I knit this little swing coat sweater for Maddie. My gauge was off because I just didn’t swatch it so of course it was too big for the winter baby, but it’s fitting her nicely now. And my girlfriend loves the weight of it for this weirdly warm winter we’re having.
She has got to be the wiggliest little girl in the world right now at 11 months old. She’s also the cutest and I know I’ll be making this for her (and properly doing a gauge swatch next time) for her to wear in the fall next year. I’ve already got a list of items I made her that her mom loved and would want me to knit again in the bigger sizes.
I have to admit, as much as I love knitting sweaters for myself, knitting cute things for little people is the best. Especially when they’re always so happy! How can I not smile around her?

Have a great weekend my knitting friends!

2 Replies to “Happy Knitting”

  1. quit putting it off & just get Helen’s sweater done! You’ll feel wild and free to continue working on the green raglan! 🙂

    1. I know, I know. I’ve got some time in the car so I might knit it on my way to Richmond.

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