Inspired by The Age of Adaline

I’m already thinking about what will be next to knit in 2016. I can make as many lists as I want but honestly, they are constantly changing as I’m inspired by other things I see.
Over the weekend I watched The Age of Adaline, a Blake Lively movie about a woman who stopped aging at age 29. It was a nice movie to watch while on the couch knitting and curled up with Cher, my husband was out for a few hours Christmas shopping so I relished having the house to myself. The thing that struck me was the wardrobe. Specifically the turtleneck she was wearing in the movie. I’m not a fan of turtlenecks myself (I do not have a lot of neck) but I loved the color palette of the sweater. And here’s the problem once you learn how to knit and feel confident in your skills, you don’t want to buy knit things, you want to make them for yourself.
I’ve had the Gradient Pullover in my library for a while and I realized it has the same soft color palette I loved in the Blake Lively sweater. The only thing is, this is knit in sport weight…I loathe knitting things below a size 7 needle. I do. It hurts my hand. But the yarn is a Cascade 220, so I could easily find this color in a worsted weight and just make the Lesley sweater from Home and Away instead, right?lesley_crop_5_medium2
Perhaps I’ll start mapping that out next. I am more confident I can match up my colors and sleeves in a project now, it’s just about making sure I have enough yarn to make it look good. But I can keep daydreaming about this while I finish up my sister’s sweater and a holiday sweater for myself before next week.

Any good knitting inspiration out there? And who is finished knitting their holiday gifts?

5 Replies to “Inspired by The Age of Adaline”

  1. Gorgeous sweaters! So jealous of your ability to knit them and looking forward to your posts when you do!

    Me, I’m working on my first knitting project – a neck scarf (K2 P2 – repeat.) I dream of the day I actually manage to knit a sweater.
    🙂 Chris

    1. We are start somewhere! My first project was a horrible orange scarf but I just kept trying, making mistakes and learning new stuff. I knit a lot so I get lots of practice. Don’t worry you’ll be knitting sweaters at some point too!

  2. Sounds like you have the beg of a 2016 knit-plan! Finished, holiday knits?! Yeah right?! We can’t ALL be SuperFast Knitting Divas like you! 😉

    1. I still need to k it the sleeves on my sisters sweater. I’m just putting it off to start my Christmas sweater.

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