Holiday *Cher*

I know it’s holiday cheer but at my house it’s holiday Cher.
Merry Christmas 2015
I’ve been in and out of the holiday spirit this year. Tomorrow is my father’s birthday and I just miss him. He loved Christmas and giving gifts and the thought of doing it without him this year is just painful at times but I’ve tried to inject as much holiday cheer into our house as I can to make the sad moments not so sad. So…when we finally decorated the tree on Friday night I decided we needed to do a little photo shoot with our own Misses Claus.
Merry Christmas 2015
She was a perfect little subject and she sat patiently on the pedestal I set up in front of the tree. Since she’s dark, the walls are dark and the tree is dark I had to play a lot with my settings and do a manual focus to make sure she was what was actually in focus and not a blurry Cher with a crisp tree backdrop. I was super happy with how these turned out.
Merry Christmas 2015
These turned out so well I might even have to frame one and add it to our wall of family photos because to us, Cher is family. We adopted her a couple of months after we found out my Dad’s cancer came back and she was a huge source of comfort and joy for me when I was stressed and sad. And he loved to have her sit in his lap and let him pet her. He asked me a couple of times if I thought she knew he was sick and that’s why she was always so sweet to him. I’d always tell him that she just knew I loved him a lot so she loved him too.

She brings the cheer to our house every day, especially when I’m missing my Dad.

Have a happy Monday.

5 Replies to “Holiday *Cher*”

  1. Touching post. Cher is quite photogenic, and I’m glad she not only reminds you of your father but also helps soften the blow of his absence. Celebrate the season; it seems to me that your father would’ve wanted you to. Happy holidays!

  2. Thank you for such a lovely post. The pictures of Cher are fantastic. I especially love the close-up of her precious little face! It’s wonderful that she was a comfort to your dad and is to you as well. It seems like she almost helps bring him into your holidays this year. I’m so sorry for the hard days. I’ll be sending wishes for peace and joy for you and the rest of your family.

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