Stitching Status: Holiday Cheer

I took yesterday and today off of work to run a few errands and to get some knitting done. Since I decided to not show off my knitting projects here since my sisters come to the blog on occasion, I decided to add photos to my Ravelry project page and just make the link private to Ravelry folks. You can check out my progress over there. But you know what has been a lifesaver?
A while ago I bought myself a jumbo ball winder to wind up some mega skeins but when I’m working on sweater projects I’ve started to wind 2 skeins into one jumbo skein so I don’t have to stop and do a Russian join! This is 2 balls of SweetGeorgia worsted in one glorious yarn cake. Weaving in ends is something I loathe and this helps a lot. Best idea I’ve had in a while. I kind of want to see if it can handle 3 skeins of yarn but I’m a little afraid. LOL
I also got my Knit Picks yarn order for Mighty Stitch in Macaw and this green is so vivid and gorgeous I have decided to cast on something to hopefully wear for Christmas next week. This is a new yarn and I got it on sale to try it out. It’s super soft, splits a little (I find a lot of Knit Picks yarns do) but I find it’s easier to manage that with metal needles.

Since I only committed myself to knitting sweaters for both of my sisters (and am almost finished with the second sweater) I don’t feel so stressed and can actually make something for myself. I’ve actually said no to a few requests and it feels great to not feel pressure to get something finished. I swatched with the intention of making the Voxel tee but my gauge came out spot on for the Terra Garter Raglan. Plus I love a quick and easy top down. And if I finish this sweater, it will be my 24th adult garment of the year!

Okay back to knitting, wrapping gifts and enjoying my day off!

2 Replies to “Stitching Status: Holiday Cheer”

  1. Loving the fingernail polish! Congratulations on your knitting projects; mine are moving along nicely as well although I’m impatient to start a sweater for myself.

  2. great price on that yarn AND it is very soft!!! DWJ, your sweater is going to be da bom! 😉

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